The Greening of European Business under EU Law. Taking Article 11 TFEU Seriously

The relationship between environmentally sustainable development and company and business law has emerged in recent years as a matter of major concern for many scholars, policy-makers, businesses and nongovernmental organisations.


This book offers a conceptual analysis of the principles of sustainable development and environmental integration in the EU legal system. It particularly focuses on Article 11 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), which states that EU activities must integrate environmental protection requirements and emphasise the promotion of sustainable development.

The book contains the following chapters, whereof chapters 1 and 4 and abstracts of the other chapters are available on SSRN:

  1.  The importance of Article 11 TFEU for regulating business in the EU: Securing the very basis of our existenceAnja Wiesbrock and Beate Sjåfjell 

  2. The Sky is the Limit: on the drafting of Article 11 TFEU’s integration obligation and its intended reachJulian Nowag

  3. Article 11 TFEU in the Light of the Principle of Sustainable Development in International LawChristina Voigt 

  4. The Legal Significance of Article 11 TFEU for EU Institutions and Member StatesBeate Sjåfjell 

  5. Sustainable State Aid: A full environmental integration into the EU’s state aid rules?Anja Wiesbrock 

  6. Corporate Governance for Sustainability. The Necessary Reform of EU Company LawBeate Sjåfjell 

  7. Article 11: Integrated Reporting or Non-Financial Reporting?, Charlotte Villiers and Jukka Mähönen 

  8. Towards an Integrated Product Regulatory Framework Based on Life Cycle ThinkingEléonore Maitre Ekern 

  9. Environmental Damage Insurance for Sustainable BusinessJohanna Rosenqvist 

  10. The Jigsaw Puzzle of Sustainability, Anja Wiesbrock and Beate Sjåfjell


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