Indemnity- and hold harmless-klausuler

Av André Bjerketveit

Skriftserie 181 - 2010

Prosjekt publikasjon nr. 7 fra prosjektet "Anglo-American Contract Models"

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"Indemnity or hold harmless clauses are a widespread method to allocate risk between the parties to a contract. While a careful drafting of the clause may permit the parties to achieve a high degree of certainty, in certain respects a literal application may be restricted by the governing law.

This paper analyses the effects of these clauses under English and under Norwegian law, and highlights the different effects that they may have in each of these systems.

The paper is based on the work carried out as a research assistant at the Department of private law, University of Oslo, in the frame of the research project "Anglo-American Contract Models and Norwegian or other Civilian Governing Law.

This paper is written in Norwegian, and has an extensive summary in English."

Boken er utgitt på Institutt for privatretts skriftserie.

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