Petra Gyongyi

Bilde av Petra Gyongyi
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Telefon +47 22859602
Besøksadresse Karl Johans gt. 47 Domus Media Øst
Postadresse Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

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  • Gyongyi, Petra (2020). Research and Human Rights in Hungary: Academic Freedom in Times of Uncertainty. I Lothe, Jakob (Red.), Research and Human Rights. Novus Forlag. ISSN 9788283900446. s. 79–95.
  • Gyongyi, Petra (2020). Hungary - Protecting the Liberal Constitution. I Hardt, Sascha; Heringa, Aalt Willem & Nguyen, Hoai-Thu (Red.), Populism and Democracy. Eleven International Publishing. ISSN 9789054546696. s. 213–238.
  • Gyongyi, Petra (2020). The Obligation of Judges to Uphold Rules of Positive Law and Possibly Conflicting Ethical Values in Context: The Case of Criminalization of Homelessness in Hungary. Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy. ISSN 2213-0721.

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