Franko and Gundhus awarded prestigious prize

Leading criminological journal names their article on Frontex as best article of 2015.

British Journal of Criminology (BJC) has named the article Policing Humanitarian Borderlands: Frontex, Human Rights and the Precariousness of Life as the winner of the Radzinowicz Memorial Prize 2015.

Professor Katja Franko. Photo: UiO

- This was a pleasant surprise. It is particularly rewarding to receive recognition for an article on such a current subject. We interviewed Frontex experts on the experiences of practicing border control at the borders of Europe. The article concerns the challenges and conflicts that often arise when on the one hand practicing humanitarian work and at the same time maintaining security, says Helene Gundhus, professor at the Norwegian Police University College and Katja Franko, professor at the University of Oslo.

As part of the prize, the article by Franko and Gundhus will be made freely available on the BJC website. The article has already been read by many, and they have previously received positive feedback – also from people working with border control.    

The article shows a different side of the police work than the militarized, technological border control many associate with Frontex.

Professor Helene Gundhus. Photo: PHS

The Norwegian informants interviewed were conscious that the values they brought with them from Norway should be the starting point for the job they were doing and that the migrants should be met in a humane way. This entailed buying water which they handed out to the migrants, as well as taking extra good care of elderly and vulnerable persons.

The informants could not assist with the migrants’ cases, but by performing such actions they could contribute some temporary relief.

The interviews were conducted as part of the ERC Starting Grant supported project: Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe.

Published Mar. 7, 2016 9:43 AM - Last modified June 16, 2016 8:57 AM