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Visiting address St. Olavs plass 5 Domus Nova 0130 OSLO
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Academic interests

Paasche’s postdoctoral fellowship is part of the project ‘Transnationalism from above and below: Migration management and how migrants manage’ (MIGMA), a 2015-2019 research project funded by the Research Council of Norway. Paasche’s contribution to MIGMA is to explore Nigerian cultural representations of migration to Europe, as reflected in popular culture and as narrated by non-migrants, and the experiences and perspectives of returnees from Europe in Nigeria.

Research interests

  • Return migration
  • Migration aspirations
  • Culture of migration
  • Migrant transnationalism
  • War and migration
  • Migration and development
  • The migration-corruption nexus


Erlend Paasche specializes in Migration Studies and holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Oslo (2016). His doctoral thesis, Return Migration and Corruption: Experiences of Iraqi Kurds, analyses the role of corruption for migrants’ return decision-making and the reintegration of return migrants. Next to this doctoral research, he has coauthored several governmentally commissioned evaluation studies of assisted return programs, from Norway to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

After completing a B.A. and M.A. in Middle East studies at the University of Oslo and studying Arabic in Damascus and Cairo, Paasche has worked as a research assistant and lecturer at the University of Oslo and as a consultant and doctoral researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). He has also been a visiting researcher at the University of Sussex. Paasche has worked qualitatively and with survey data, and has fieldwork experience from Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Kosovo and Nigeria.


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  • Paasche, Erlend (2011). Iraqi Refugees in A Damascus Suburb: Carriers of Sectarian Conflict?. International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies.  ISSN 1751-2867.  5(2), s 263- 275

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  • Paasche, Erlend (2018). Class, risk and going with a purpose.
  • Paasche, Erlend (2018). Class, risk and ‘going with a purpose’: Nigerian postgraduates reflect on irregular migration.
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  • Paasche, Erlend & Carling, Jørgen (2018). Representations of return migration in Nigerian cultural production.
  • Paasche, Erlend (2017). Crime goes to the movies: The case of Nollywood.
  • Paasche, Erlend (2017). Hayne's Nollywood: A view from migration studies.
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  • Paasche, Erlend (2016, 11. november). Paasche to speak at the world’s largest anti-corruption conference. [Internett].  UiO.
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