Immigration, Crime and Citizenship

Professor May-Len Skilbrei (University of Oslo) and Professor Maria João Guia (University of Coimbra) are the co-chairs of a new research network called Immigration, Crime and Citizenship.

About the working group

Immigration and citizenship issues are addressed by a growing body of criminological research in Europe, and in a broader international context. Migrants are increasingly prominent subjects of contemporary public debates about deviance, social exclusion, victimhood, identity, security and criminalisation. This working group aims to discuss and examine the complex connections between migration, criminalisation, victimisation, and European criminal justice institutions. While these topics have long historic antecedents, on which the group will actively draw, it also aims to address novel developments brought on by the various ways in which European states attempt to control unwanted migration (take, for example, a look on the webpage on some of these topics). Moreover, issues such as criminalisation, human rights, citizenship and social exclusion are not only of central importance in criminological studies of migration, but also offer a productive starting point for comparative analysis and academic cooperation.

The working group aims to facilitate the co-operation among scholars and students working on topics such as:

  • Immigration control and human rights;
  • Borders and border security;
  • Human trafficking and smuggling of migrants;
  • Migration and gender;
  • Politics of immigration, crime and deviance;
  • Prostitution and migration;
  • Migration and victimisation;
  • The intersection of immigration law and criminal law ('Crimmigration');
  • Imprisonment and immigration detention;
  • Citizenship and criminal justice;
  • Crime and juvenile migration issues;
  • Criminal organizations and transnational crime;
  • Terrorism and securitisation.

Aims of the working group

This group aims to connect and integrate researchers working in the above mentioned and the related fields. The group aims to serve as a platform for academic discussions, the organisation of conference sessions, comparative research projects, funding applications, student exchanges, workshops and joint publications on immigration, crime and citizenship and the related subtopics. The relationship between immigration, crime and citizenship is a growing and highly topical field of research, and the working group will facilitate critical discussions on theory development, methodological innovation and policy implications in this field.


We are open to established and emerging scholars from diverse backgrounds and with diverse methodological and theoretical perspectives.

If you would like to join, please send your name, position, affiliation to:
Maria João Guia: or May-Len Skilbrei:

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