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Depiction of the Norwegian fairytale Soria Moria Castle by Theodor Kittelsen (1881). The search for Soria Moria castle might be thought of as a progression, the symbol for perfect happiness. According to legend, the path to the castle is not clearly marked, and the journey is solitary because all people are different and therefore cannot reach the goal in the same manner Source: Wiki commons.

Oslo is easily reached by air, sea, railway, bus or by car. There are over 200 international flights a day and 1,300 international flights a week.

By air

Major Airlines have daily non-stop flights from major cities in Europe like:

  • Amsterdam (1hr 45mns)
  • Frankfurt (1hr 55mns)
  • London (2hrs 15mns) and
  • Paris (2hrs 15mns)

There is a non-stop connection between Oslo and New York and Oslo may be reached from all continents via Copenhagen (55 minutes), with departures every hour.

Airlines and flights to Oslo

Oslo’s international airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, is situated 47 kilometres north east of the city. See the international and domestic scheduled routes at Oslo Airport.
There is an airport express train which takes 27 minutes from the airport to the city center. In addition, there are several bus connections.


Comfortable and pleasant overnight cruises on car/passenger ferries to Oslo from Kiel (Germany) and Copenhagen, Fredrikshavn and Hirtshals (Denmark).

Local public transport

The public transport system is well developed: buses, trams, local trains, underground and ferries are all a part of the network.

For information, tickets, travel planner and maps in Oslo and surrounding, please see Ruter#.

Please note that, all public transport within Oslo is free of charge with the Oslo Pass.

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