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Disputation: Kjersti Lohne

Master in Criminology Kjersti Lohne at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law will be defending the thesis Advocates of Humanity: Human Rights NGOs and the International Criminal Court for the degree of Ph.D.

Kjersti Lohne Copyright: UiO

Trial lecture - time and Place

Adjudication committee

Chair of defence

Head of Departement, professor Heidi Mork Lomell



Advocates of Humanity explores the meaning of global justice-making through international criminal law by examining the role of international human rights NGOs at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Lohne shows how global criminal justice-making is situated in a transnational field promoting humanitarian values. Using the legitimacy of the law, NGOs merge international criminal justice with global justice-making and transfer their moral authority to the ICC.

At the same time, Advocates of Humanity demonstrates how the global is “situated” and produced through specific economic, social and political relations between the global north and the global south. For instance, the social position of the agents involved in international criminal justice advocacy belong to a class of transnational western professionals making it difficult for non-EU citizens to work in the dominating parts of the field. Moreover, the centre of the field – or the global – is disconnected from the local when the centre does not respect national (African) attempts to justice making.

Through an exploration of the role of international human rights NGOs, Lohne offers an understanding of the values and power relations underpinning the development of international criminal justice.
Advocates of Humanity is based on multi-sited ethnography and interviews with key players in The Hague (and other places in The Netherlands) and in Uganda, as well as Belgium, Norway, Rwanda and the UK.


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