The BEYOND project is hiring

Two postdoctoral positions and one PhD position are available in the project “Protection without Ratification? International Refugee Law beyond States Parties to the 1951 Refugee Convention” (BEYOND).

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The BEYOND project is funded by the European Research Council to study the influence of the Refugee Convention in states that have not ratified it, and how these states engage with and help create international refugee law. The project has strong theoretical and empirical components and focuses on four case study countries: Lebanon, Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Project leader Professor Maja Janmyr at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law is looking forward to receiving applications from candidates with interest in the international refugee regime.

- We are looking for candidates with a keen interest in exploring the relation between the international refugee regime and states that have not ratified the key instrument of global refugee protection, the 1951 Refugee Convention, Janmyr says.

 – While these states are generally seen as ‘exceptions’ to international refugee law, ­our aim is to shed crucial, empirically grounded light on, and to question, this prevailing assumption, Janmyr explains.

Firmly grounded in the overall BEYOND project, the two postdoctoral fellows and the PhD fellow will each develop their independent sub-project with a focus on Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively.

The BEYOND project seeks to ground refugee protection in lived experiences and local initiatives, Janmyr says.

The selected candidates will take a lead role in the in-depth case studies of Pakistan, Turkey and Bangladesh, and will be undertaking both desk-based and field-based research. We hope to receive many applications from excellent candidates with the requisite experience and interest, says Janmyr.

Janmyr is looking forward to expanding the research team:

In addition to the BEYOND project, I am also leading the REF-ARAB project and a work package on the ASILE project. The selected candidates will therefore be part of a larger group of researchers connected to projects on international refugee law, says Janmyr.

The candidates will also join a growing network of migration scholars at the Faculty of Law.

Head of Department, May-Len Skilbrei, is looking forward to welcoming the candidates to the interdisciplinary group of researchers at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo.

The candidates will be part of a friendly and stimulating academic environment, consisting of researchers with backgrounds from a range of different fields, Skilbrei says.

Skilbrei notes that Professor Janmyr is known for being an inclusive and supportive project leader and for contributing to the friendly working environment at the department.

Janmyr does great job including others in her work and creating opportunities that others can benefit from, Skilbrei says.

The Department offers attractive office facilities at the Faculty of Law’s new premises Domus Juridica, located centrally in Oslo.

You can read more about living in Oslo at the University of Oslo’s International Staff Mobility Office (ISMO)’s website.

For more information about the positions and instructions on how to apply, follow these links:

Published June 15, 2021 12:04 PM - Last modified June 15, 2021 12:04 PM