Criminology and Sociology of Law in Greenland (completed)

The Criminology and Sociology of Law Network in Greenland (KRIG) studies questions relating to legal development on Greenland and the other Nordic countries.

Photo: Hannes Grobe (accessible through CC-BY-SA-2.5)

About the project

The project focuses on the following main topics:

  • The legal development in Greenland
  • The development of Crime in Greenland
  • Gender and violence in Greenland
  • Comparative studies between Greenland and the other Nordic countries


KRIG was founded in September 2006. KRIG consists of scholars with a background in criminal law, criminology, sociology of law, anthropology, social studies and social economics.

Researchers in KRIG share the following theoretical preoccupations: marginalisation, exclusion, systems of control, colonialisation and North/north conflict.


Ilsimatusarifik (University of Greenland).

The project is funded by Nordisk Samarbeidsråd for kriminologi (Nsfk) and Det Frie Forskningsraadet, Denmark.


The project involves collaboration between researchers from Copenhagen University, the University of Oslo and Ilsimatusarfik (University of Greenland). 

The project is headed by professor Cecilie Høigård.

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