E-newsletter January 2011

New international journals, green criminology in The Deviancy Conference, articles published in "Critical Criminology" and upcoming workshop about "Taking Care of Nature and the Natural".

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New journal: "Green Criminology: An International Journal on Environmental Crime and Ecological Justice"
"Green Criminology is an international journal that is dedicated to a criminological analysis of environmental crime and ecological justice. The journal invites submissions from researchers and scholars that provide theoretically informed and empirical based analyses of environmental harm, environmental crime, ecological and environmental injustice, environmental law enforcement and crime prevention, species justice, and related eco-crime and eco-justice issues. As an international journal, Green Criminology endeavors to be global in the scope of the issues it covers and in regards to its subscriber and contributor base."

The journal will produce two issues in 2011. More information are to come.

New international Journal: "Animals"
"Animals is an international open access journal on the fauna and animals, including zoology and veterinary sciences, is published by MDPI online quarterly. The first issue will be released in 2011."

Conference (29th June-1st July 2011): Green criminology sessions at The York Deviancy conference
"From 29th June 2011 until 1st July 2011 the University of York will host a new National Deviancy Conference entitled ‘Critical Perspectives on Crime, Deviance, Disorder and Social Harm’. The conference is intended to provide critical criminologists working across diverse disciplinary affiliations with the opportunity to come together and exchange ideas about crime, deviance and the future of studies that seek to engage with some of the greatest challenges."

The closing date for submission of abstracts is January 31st 2011.

Workshop (11.05.2011 - Norway): Taking Care of Nature and the Natural: Investigating the Specificities of Care in Human-Nature Relationships
"This workshop seeks to engage with the concept of care in studies of humans’ complex and “imperfect living practices” with nature and the natural. Nature – in the wider sense of the term – and non-human animals are often entangled in care practices that at the same time demands tenderness and clinical coolness. The “killing” and “culling” of animals for food, science or epidemic control can for instance be seen as care practices where coolness and tenderness intersect, and where multiple objects of care are entangled and are matters of concern. The workshop invites historical and contemporary studies of care practices in relation to these topics."

Publications: Green Criminology in "Critical Criminology"
Special issue of Critical Criminology, published December 2010: "The contributions collected in this special issue share a critical perspective and focus inter alia on corrupt practices, incompetent administration, criminal entrepreneurship, corporate profiteering and the ways in which all these contribute to outcomes of severe environmental offending, human victimization, public health hazards, and damage to and destruction of non-human species".

This issue includes articles of interest to this list, such as  Rebecca S. Katz on The Corporate Crimes of Dow Chemical and the Failure to Regulate Environmental Pollution, T. Boekhout van Solinge on Deforestation Crimes and Conflicts in the Amazon, and Dennis Mares on Criminalizing Ecological Harm: Crimes Against Carrying Capacity and the Criminalization of Eco-Sinners

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