The Second Narrative Criminology Symposium

- the Oslo series

Key note speakers include among others: Phillip Smith, Jeff Ferrell, Keith Hayward, Sarah Colvin, David Canter, Lois Presser and Shadd Maruna. For full list see call for paper. Photo: wiki commons.

Narrative criminology studies how stories instigate, sustain, or effect desistance from harmful action. Grounded in a narrative understanding of self-making, narrative criminology analyses stories about crime not as accounts of “what really happened”, but as examples of the performative work individuals do on themselves and their surroundings, and the effects these have. Narrative criminology explores the narratives of offenders as well as other relevant groups such as criminal justice professionals, crime victims, politicians, and journalists. 

A main goal for the Narrative Criminology Network is multidisciplinary cooperation; we want to bring together perspectives from the disciplines of criminology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and law in a true exchange across national and disciplinary boundaries.

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