The need of a preventive green policy in Colombia

Phd. candidate David R. Goyez has written a chapter in Política criminal y “prevención”.

In his chapter, David Rodríguez Goyes argues that if what is sought through the drafting and promulgation of a preventive public policy in Colombia is to avert harms and crimes, then, environmental considerations should be one of its main components. The chapter is composed by three parts. In the first part a definition of public policy is elaborated based on the ideas offered by the discipline of public policy analysis. In the same section, the dynamics, actors and components of the drafting process are described. Criminal policy is in there portrayed as a species among the public policy genera, and a strong link between the criminological discipline and the criminal policy is suggested. This section ends by stating that the criminological discipline is by nature political and therefore has an impact in the drafting of public policies. The second section of the chapter presents the Green Criminology (GC) framework. An historical account, its main approaches, justifications, research interests and criticisms to which it has been subject, are in there presented. The third part of the chapter summarizes the findings of three of the researches that by using the GC have been carried on in Colombia. The piece concludes by suggesting that socio-environmental conflicts are a main criminogenic phenomena in Colombia; thus implying the need of minding the environmental issues as a way to prevent offenses, crimes and harms.

By Marit Fosse
Published Nov. 24, 2015 2:35 PM - Last modified Nov. 24, 2015 4:29 PM