A meeting with honorary doctor David Garland

As part of the celebration of professor David Garland becoming honorary doctor, we invite you to an open seminar on current issues in criminology.

Professor David Garland. Photo: NYU.


David Garland:

Punishment and Welfare and since: some brief reflections on the course of my research, 1980 to the present

Kjersti Lohne:

Continuities and Discontinuities of Penal Welfarism: Global Justice-making through International Criminal Justice

Peter Scharff Smith and Thomas Ugelvik:

Embraced By the Welfare State? Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice


[Short break]


John Todd:

Bordered Penal Populism: When Populism and Scandinavian Exceptionalism Meet

Katja Franko:

Migration and Penal Power: The Changing Nature of the Norwegian Criminal Justice System and Penal Culture




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