Launch: New study of young people, vulnerabilities and prostitution/sex for compensation in the Nordic region

Young people who have experienced sex for compensation are a vulnerable, particularly preyed-on group, but in the Nordic countries targeted social initiatives offered to this group are limited. This is shown in a new study, which for the first time brings together knowledge about young people who have experience of prostitution/sex for compensation in the Nordic region, highlighting this issue.

Bildet kan inneholde: tekst, morgen, rolig, tilpasning.

Warmly welcome all to a seminar presenting the study with a particular focus on Norway's part of the report.


Charlotta Holmström, sociologist at Malmö University and the principal researcher for the study along with May-Len Skilbrei, professor at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, who is responsible for the Norwegian part of the report will be the speakers.

To comment the report will be Ida Kock.

The seminar will be held in English.

This seminar has been organised in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, which also financed the study.


The report is available for download here.


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