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Visiting address Domus Nova 5th floor St. Olavs plass 5 0165 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO


Cand.jur. 1981. Dr.juris. 1994 on the dissertation "Styring av kompleksitet. Rettslige former for statlig rammestyring og desentralisert statsforvaltning" ("Governing complexity. Legal forms of centralised and decentralised public administration.") (Published 1996). Professor in public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, 2002 - . Head of departement Ministry of Finance 1985-86. Affiliated with research programs under the Norwegian Research Council: - LOS-programmet (Leadership, organisation og governing), 1988-1996, (member of the board 1993-96.), - ARENA (Advanced Research on the Europeanisation of the Nation-state) 1993-2002 (member of the board 1993-95, full time researcher 1996-97). Visiting fellow at the European University Institute spring term 2001. Member of several governmental commissions, head of commisssion on the use of state corporations for services of general interest, 2003). Member of Regional committee on ethics for medical research (eastern region), 2001- 2005. Guest professor Copenhagen Business School, 2005-2007. Dean of Research, Faculty of Law, UiO, 2008-2011. Deputy Head of Department, Institute of Public and International Law, UiO, 2014-2017, Head of Department, 2018 - . Honorary doctorate Turku University, 2011, Gothenborg University, 2015, University of Copenhagen, 2018.   

Research interests

Multidisiciplinary research in general public law and in certain specific fields, cfr. below, covering several crossboundary themes in administrative and constitutional law, EU-law, environmental law, legal sociology og legal theory. Doctoral dissertation on administrative and organisational legal reform in public administration 1985-94. Changes are discussed in relation to long term trajectories exemplified by the concepts rule-of-law, planning and welfare state and network state, in relation to theories on procedural and reflexive Law, and theories of inter- and transnational and societal constitutional law. Post-doctoral research has included the following areas:

1) The further development of public and state organisational models with a specific interest in the use of state corporations and foundations attached to public and state administration particularly in relation to organization of services of general economic interest. The development of forms of public and regulatory law, particularly concerning procedural, discretionary, selfregulatory and reflexive Law. Public and regulatory law has been developped particularly in the fields of environmental, biotech and Health Law.

2)EEA- and EU-law with a specific focus on the relationship between trade and the protection of health and the environment, and on competition law, state subsidies and services of general economic interest. The treaty and constitutional development of the EU and between the EU and the EEA and their member states.

3) The development of an increasingly comprehensive public international law as well as an increasing network of transnational law, both including areas such as trade law, environmental law, human rights, penal law and an international constitutional law. This includes the study of new concepts such as inter- and transnational governance and constitutionalism and the increasing relevance of private actors in international governance.

4) Environmental law with a focus on the regulation of bio- and genetic techologies, including the devolpment of the precautionary principle and the relationship between trade and protection of health and the environment internationally. The regulation of biotechnology and Genetic testing in Health Law. 

5) Legal theory studies with an emphasis on modern and current legal theories (such as Niklas Luhmann, Gunther Teubner, Jürgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and the directions of ciritical legal theory in the Nordic countries, Europe and the US). Legal theories are also applied in contexta with some of the emerging and current changes in the legal regimes mentioned above. That is: - the increasing Europeanisation and internationalisation of law, - the regulation of bio- and genetic technologies, - competition and trade law and environmental protection/services of general economic interest, - changes in the preconditions of democratic government as well as changes in the relations between public and private spheres, - questions of legitimacy arising from the changes referred to above. 

International cooperation: - Project on "Transnational governance and Constitutionalism" at European University Institute, Florence; - Changes in the forms of public administration and legal regulation, in cooperation with researchers at Copenhagen Business School (institute of management, politics and philosophy); - Legal and Socio-legal theory Networks among colleagues in Copenhagen, Lund, Helsinki, Gothenborg, Turku, Århus, London; - Member of Committee on Biotechnology of the International Law Association.

Some publications are on the ARENAs web site. (Workingpapers: no.8, 18 and 29/1997, no.14/2000, no.4/2002
See also: articles in European Law Journal, no.3, vol.4, 1998, Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie, Bd.22, H.2, 2001; and in "Transnational Governance and Constitutionalism", eds. Joerges, Sand, Teubner, Oxford: Hart, 2004.


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