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Visiting address Karl Johans gate 47 Domus Bibliotheca 0162 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO


Kjersti Lohne holds a doctorate in Criminology from the University of Oslo (2015). Her doctoral thesis, Advocates of Humanity: Human Rights NGOs in International Criminal Justice, analyses the cultural meaning of global justice-making through international criminal law, and focuses specifically on the role that human rights NGOs play in the materialities and imaginaries of international criminal justice. It is based on a multi-sited ethnography including interviews with key players in The Hague (and other places in the Netherlands) and in Uganda as well as Belgium, Norway, Rwanda and the UK.

Lohne has previously worked as research assistant, researcher, lecturer and senior researcher at the Police University College (2010), the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law (2011-2015), and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (2010, 2016). She has also been a visiting researcher at the Center for International Criminal Justice at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (2013) and at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford (2014).

Research Interests

Lohne's primary thematic interest is the role of judicalisation and criminal punishment in the making of global social order, which she is currently approaching through a number of different empirical research fields and projects:

  • International criminal justice (book project and articles based on her doctoral research and more)
  • The Guatanamo military commissions (ongoing project at PluriCourts)
  • Rule of (criminal) law development and "penal aid" to so-called failed or transitional states (forthcoming postdoctoral research project at IKRS).
  • Rights-based approaches to humanitarian action (with Kristin Bergtora Sandvik)

Lohne has also published in international peer-review journals on other research topics, such as privacy and data protection, gender, crime and sexual violence, and drones.


Lohne teaches several courses at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law. She has developed and is the head lecturer of

She has also taught and been an examiner at the Police University College, at the Artic University of Norway, and at Vrije University in Amsterdam.


  • Royichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund, 2013 & 2014
  • Den norske banks fond for det Juridiske fakultet ved Universitetet i Oslo, 2014
  • Borgermester Edvard Christies legat, 2014
  • Ingmund Kirkeruds legat, 2014
  • Pastor Harald Kallevigs legal, 2014
  • Assessor L. W. Knagenhjelm og fru Knagenhjelms født Rolls legat, 2013
  • Det juridiske fakultets reisefond av 1973, 2011 & 2013
  • Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology Travel Grant, 2011 & 2013


Tags: International Criminal Court, International Courts and Tribunals, Human Rights, Criminology, Sociology of Law, Global Governance



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  • Lohne, Kjersti (2019). Advocates of Humanity: Human Rights NGOs in International Criminal Justice. Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780198818748.  288 s.

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