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Women's law

The aim of Women's law is to describe, explain and understand women's legal position in order to improve women's position in law and society.

Overview of the subject area

Women's law is a legal discipline as well as an area within the inter-disciplinary women and gender study. Women's law has been an optional subject for the law degree since 1975 and the Institute of Women's Law was started in 1978.

The Women`s Law Institute offers two courses. The course in equal status law is taught in Norwegian every fall. This course is also a part of the Bachelor degree in Women and Gender studies at UOO. The course in Women`s law and Human Rights is taught in English every spring. This course is offered Erasmus students. It is included in the M.A. degree in Public International Law and is part of the bachelor in Women and gender study.

The Institute of Women’s Law is part of the interdisciplinary research program Cultural Complexity in Norway (CULCOM). It hosts the interdisciplinary research program Democracy, Gender, Human Rights and Religion.

The Institute of Women's Law participates in international cooperation on teaching and research. The most important cooperation partner is The Southern and Eastern African Centre for Women's Law at the University of Zimbabwe (SEARCWL) that offers a master degree in Women’s Law.

Programmes of study and courses



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