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Brazil - LAW N0 9.307 of 23 September 1996


Chapter I. - General Provisions

Article 1

Article 2

Chapter II. - The Arbitration Agreement and Its Effects

Article 3

Article 4

Article 5

Article 6

Article 7

Article 8

Article 9

Article 10

Article 11

Article 12

Chapter III. - Arbitrators

Article 13

Article 14

Article 15

Article 16

Article 17

Article 18

Chapter IV. - Arbitration Procedure

Article 19

Article 20

Article 21

Article 22

Chapter V. - Arbitral Award

Article 23

Article 24

Article 25

Article 26

Article 27

Article 28

Article 29

Article 30

Article 31

Article 32

Article 33

Chapter VI. - Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

Article 34

Article 35

Article 36

Article 37

Article 38

Article 39

Article 40

Chapter VII. Final Provisions

Article 41

Article 42

Article 43

Article 44


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Brazil - LAW N0 9.307, 1996

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Brazil - LAW N0 9.307 of 23 September 1996

Chapter III. - Arbitrators

Article 13

Any legally capable individual, trusted by the parties, may act as an arbitrator.

First Paragraph: The parties shall appoint one or more arbitrators, always in an odd number, being also able to appoint their respective alternates.

Second Paragraph: If the parties appoint an even number of arbitrators, the latter are authorized immediately to nominate another arbitrator. In case of disagreement thereon, the parties shall request the State Court originally competent to decide the case, to appoint such arbitrator, following as much as possible the procedure foreseen in Article 7 of this Law.

Third Paragraph: The parties may, by mutual agreement, define the rules for the appointment of arbitrators, or adopt the rules of an arbitral institution or specialized entity.

Fourth Paragraph: If several arbitrators are appointed, these will select, by majority vote, the President of the arbitral tribunal. Failing consensus, the eldest member shall become the President.

Fifth Paragraph: The sole arbitrator or the President of the arbitral tribunal, if he deems it necessary, may designate a secretary, who could also be one of the other arbitrators.

Sixth Paragraph: In performing his duty, the arbitrator shall behave in an impartial, independent, competent, diligent and discreet manner.

Seventh Paragraph: The sole arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal may order the parties to advance funds to cover expenses and actions it may deem necessary.

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