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The York-Antwerp Rules 1974

Rule of interpretation.

Rule A.

Rule B.

Rule C.

Rule D.

Rule E.

Rule F.

Rule G.

Rule I. Jettison of cargo.

Rule II. Damage by jettison and sacrifice for the common safety.

Rule III. Extinguishing fire on shipboard.

Rule IV. Cutting away wreck.

Rule V. Voluntary stranding.

Rule VI. Salvage remuneration.

Rule VII. Damage to machinery and boilers.

Rule VIII. Expenses lightening a ship when ashore, and consequent damage.

Rule IX. Ship's material and stores burnt for fuel.

Rule X. Expenses at port of refuge etc.

Rule XI. Wages and maintenance of crew and other expenses bearing up for and in a port of refuge, etc.

Rule XII. Damage to cargo in discharging, etc.

Rule XIII. Deductions from cost of repairs.

Rule XIV. Temporary repairs.

Rule XV. Loss of freight.

Rule XVI. Amount to be made good for cargo lost or damaged by sacrifice.

Rule XVII. Contributory values.

Rule XVIII. Damage to ship.

Rule XIX. Undeclared or wrongfully declared cargo.

Rule XX. Provision of funds.

Rule XXI. Interest on losses made good in general average.

Rule XXII. Treatment of cash deposits.




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The York-Antwerp Rules 1974


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The York-Antwerp Rules 1974

Rule XIII. Deductions from cost of repairs.

Repairs to be allowed in general average shall not be subject to deductions in respect of 'new for old' where old material or parts are replaced by new unless the ship is over fifteen years old in which case there shall be a deduction of one third. The deductions shall be regulated by the age of the ship from 31 December of the year of completion of construction to the date of the general average act, except for insulation, life and similar boats, communications and navigational apparatus and equipment, machinery and boilers for which the deductions shall be regulated by the age of the particular parts to which they apply.

The deductions shall be made only from the cost of the new material or parts when finished and ready to be installed in the ship.

No deduction shall be made in respect of provisions, stores, anchors and chain cables.

Drydock and slipway dues and costs of shifting the ship shall be allowed in full.

The costs of cleaning, painting or coating of bottom shall not be allowed in general average unless the bottom has been painted or coated within the twelve months preceding the date of the general average act in which case one half of such costs shall be allowed.

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