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The European Convention on Human Rights - Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms


Article 1

Section I

Article 2

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Section II

Article 19

Section III

Article 20

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Article 24

Article 25

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Section IV

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Section V

Article 57

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Article 66

Protocol No. 2 to the Convention for the Protection of of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Conferring Upon The European Court of Human Rights Competence to give Advisory Opinions [Strasbourg, 6.V.1963]


Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

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European Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (consolidated ... five Protocols)

Rome, 4.XI.1950 - Text completed by Protocol No. 2 (ETS No. 44) of 6 May 1963 and amended by Protocol No. 3 (ETS No. 45) of 6 May 1963, Protocol No. 5 (ETS No. 55) of 20 January 1966 and Protocol No. 8 (ETS No. 118) of 19 March 1985

Council of Europe

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The European Convention on Human Rights - Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Section III

Article 20


1. The Commission shall consist of a number of members equal to that of the High Contracting Parties. No two members of the Commission may be nationals of the same State.

2. The Commission shall sit in plenary session. It may, however, set up Chambers, each composed of at least seven members. The Chambers may examine petitions submitted under Article 25 of this Convention which can be dealt with on the basis of established case law or which raise no serious question affecting the interpretation or application of the Convention. Subject to this restriction and to the provisions of paragraph 5 of this article, the Chambers shall exercise all the powers conferred on the Commission by the Convention.

The member of the Commission elected in respect of a High Contracting Party against which a petition has been lodged shall have the right to sit on a Chamber to which the petition has been referred.

3. The Commission may set up committees, each composed of at least three members, with the power, exercisable by a unanimous vote, to declare inadmissible or strike from its list of cases a petition submitted under Article 25, when such a decision can be taken without further examination.

4. A chamber or committee may at any time relinquish jurisdiction in favour of the plenary Commission which may also order the transfer to it of any petition referred to a Chamber or committee.

5. Only the plenary Commission can exercise the following powers:

(a) the examination of applications submitted under Article 24;

(b) the bringing of a case before the Court in accordance with Article 48.a;

(c) the drawing up of rules of procedure in accordance with Article 36.

 1. Text amended according to the provisions of Protocol No. 8 (ETS No. 118) which entered into force on 1 January 1990.

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