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Lex Mercatoria: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (protection of)

Intellectual Property - General

Policy & Interest Groups


Domain Names


Industrial Designs


TRIPS - Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Alternative Memes

The Nature of Free
Software Free License
Software Open Source
Social Contracts
Creative Commons
Open Publishing
Dual Licenses
Against Software Patents

Intellectual Property - Journals Magazines and Discussions




SiSU Metadata, document information

Lex Mercatoria: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (protection of)


WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996

WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty 1996

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary & Artistic Works (as revised in 1971 and amended in 1979)

( ⌠earlier version, Stockholm 1967 revision⌡gopher://gopher.law.cornell.edu:70/00/foreign/fletcher/UNTS11850.txt )

Universal Copyright Convention (as revised 1971)

Copyright Frequently Asked Questions USENET FAQs

US Copyright Office including Copyright Basics FAQ

Copyright Sites DocDel

Copyright Myths USENET article

US Copyright Clearance Center

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Enrolled Bill) H.R.2281 at Thomas US - Legislative Information on the Internet

Fairuse Stanford primary materials

The Copyright Website

Thomson and Thomson on Trademarks and Copyright

Draft Treaty on Certain Questions Concerning the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Draft Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Performers and Producers of Phonograms

Public-Domain.Org (follow discussion) Proposals to Regulate the Public's Rights to use Information stored in "Databases" (broadly defined)

Plagiarism Org detection of plagiarized works on the Net (proprietary plagiarism detection algorithms that have been used at U.C. Berkeley and abroad.)

ILT Guide to Copyright Columbia University, Institute for Learning Technologies

Creative Commons

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