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Basel Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal (1989)


Article 1 - Scope of the Convention

Article 2 - Definitions

Article 3 - National Definitions of Hazardous Wastes

Article 4 - General Obligations

Article 5 - Designation of Competent Authorities and Focal Point

Article 6 - Transboundary Movement between Parties

Article 7 - Transboundary Movement from a Party through States which are not Parties

Article 8 - Duty to Re-import

Article 9 - Illegal Traffic

Article 10 - International Co-operation

Article 11 - Bilateral, Multilateral and Regional Agreements

Article 12 - Consultations on Liability

Article 13 - Transmission of Information

Article 14 - Financial Aspects

Article 15 - Conference of the Parties

Article 16 - Secretariat

Article 17 - Amendment of the Convention

Article 18 - Adoption and Amendment of Annexes

Article 19 - Verification

Article 20 - Settlement of Disputes

Article 21 - Signature

Article 22 - Ratification, Acceptance, Formal Confirmation or Approval

Article 23 - Accession

Article 24 - Right to Vote

Article 25 - Entry into Force

Article 26 - Reservations and Declarations

Article 27 - Withdrawal

Article 28 - Depository

Article 29 - Authentic Texts

Annex 1 - Categories Of Wastes To Be Controlled

Waste Streams:
Wastes Having as Constituents:

Annex II - Categories Of Wastes Requiring Special Consideration

Annex III - List Of Hazardous Characteristics


Annex IV - Disposal Operations

Annex V A - Information To Be Provided On Notification

Annex VB - Information To Be Provided On The Movement Document

Annex VI - Arbitration

Article l
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5
Article 6
Article 7
Article 8
Article 9
Article 10


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Basel Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal (1989)

United Nations (UN)

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Basel Convention On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes And Their Disposal (1989)

Annex 1 - Categories Of Wastes To Be Controlled

Waste Streams:

Y1 Clinical wastes from medical care in hospitals, medical centres and clinics

Y2 Wastes from the production and preparation of pharmaceutical products

Y3 Waste pharmaceuticals, drugs and medicines

Y4 Wastes from the production, formulation and use of biocides and phytopharmaceuticals

Y5 Wastes from the manufacture, formulation and use of wood preserving chemicals

Y6 Wastes from the production, formulation and use of organic solvents

Y7 Wastes from heat treatment and tempering operations containing cyanides

Y8 Waste mineral oils unfit for their originally intended use

Y9 Waste oils/water, hydrocarbons/water mixtures, emulsions

Y10 Waste substances and articles containing or contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and/or polychlorinated terphenyls (PCTs) and/or polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)

Y11 Waste tarry residues arising from refining, distillation and any pyrolytic treatment

Y12 Wastes from production, formulation and use of inks, dyes, pigments, paints, lacquers, varnish

Y13 Wastes from production, formulation and use of resins, latex, plasticizers, glues/ adhesives

Y14 Waste chemical substances arising from research and development or teaching activities which are not identified and/or are new and whose effects on man and/or the environment are not known

Y15 Wastes of an explosive nature not subject to other legislation

Y16 Wastes from production, formulation and use of photographic chemicals and processing materials

Y17 Wastes resulting from surface treatment of metals and plastics

Y18 Residues arising from industrial waste disposal operations

Wastes Having as Constituents:

Y19 Metal carbonyls.Y20 Beryllium; beryllium compounds

Y21 Hexavalent chromium compounds

Y22 Copper compounds

Y23 Zinc compounds

Y24 Arsenic; arsenic compounds

Y25 Selenium; selenium compounds

Y26 Cadmium; cadium compounds

Y27 Antimony; antimony compounds

Y28 Tellurium; tellurium compounds

Y29 Mercury; mercury compounds

Y30 Thallium; thallium compounds

Y31 Lead; lead compounds

Y32 Inorganic fluorine compounds excluding calcium fluoride

Y33 lnorganic cyanides

Y34 Acidic solutions or acids in solid form

Y35 Basic solutions or bases in solid form

Y36 Asbestos (dust and fibres)

Y37 Organic phosphorous compounds

Y38 Organic cyanides

Y39 Phenols; phenol compounds including chlorophenols

Y40 Ethers

Y41 Halogenated organic solvents

Y42 Organic solvents excluding halogenated solvents

Y43 Any congenor of polychlorinated dibenzo-furan

Y44 Any congenor of polychlorinated dibenzo.p.dioxin

Y45 Organohalogen compounds other than substances referred to in this Annex (eg. Y39, Y4l, Y42, Y43, Y44).

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