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Convention on The Law Applicable to Agency, The Hague, 14 March 1978


CHAPTER 1 - Scope Of The Convention

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

CHAPTER 2 - Relations Between Principal And Agent

Article 5

Article 6

Article 7

Article 8

Article 9

Article 10

CHAPTER 3 - Relations With The Third Party

Article 11

Article 12

Article 13

Article 14

Article 15

CHAPTER 4 - General Provisions

Article 16

Article 17

Article 18

Article 19

Article 20

Article 21

Article 22

CHAPTER 5 - Final Clauses

Article 23

Article 24

Article 25

Article 26

Article 27

Article 28

[Post Provisions]

[Post Clauses (If any: Signed; Witnessed; Done; Authentic Texts; & Deposited Clauses)]


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Convention on The Law Applicable to Agency, The Hague, 14 March 1978

Hague Conference on Private International Law

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Convention on The Law Applicable to Agency, The Hague, 14 March 1978

CHAPTER 4 - General Provisions

Article 18

Any Contracting State may, at the time of signature, ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, reserve the right not to apply this Convention to:

(1) the agency of a bank or group of banks in the course of banking transactions;

(2) agency in matters of insurance;

(3) the acts of a public servant acting in the exercise of his functions as such on behalf of a private person.

No other reservation shall be permitted. Any Contracting State may also, when notifying an extension of the

Convention in accordance with Article 25, make one or more of these reservations, with its effect limited to all or some of the territories mentioned in the extension.

Any Contracting State may at any time withdraw a reservation which it has made; the reservation shall cease to have effect on the first day of the third calendar month after notification of the withdrawal.

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