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The International Convention On Salvage, IMO 1989

Chapter I - General provisions

Article 1 - Definitions

Article 2 - Application of the Convention

Article 3 - Platforms and drilling units

Article 4 - State-owned vessels

Article 5 - Salvage operations controlled by public authorities

Article 6 - Salvage contracts

Article 7 - Annulment and modification of contracts

Chapter II - Performance of salvage operations

Article 8 - Duties of the salvor and of the owner and master

Article 9 - Rights of coastal States

Article 10 - Duty to render assistance

Article 11 - Co-operation

Chapter III - Rights of salvors

Article 12 - Conditions for reward

Article 13 - Criteria for fixing the reward

Article 14 - Special compensation

Article 15 - Apportionment between salvors

Article 16 - Salvage of persons

Article 17 - Services rendered under existing contracts

Article 18 - The effect of salvor's misconduct

Article 19 - Prohibition of salvage operations

Chapter IV - Claims and actions

Article 20 - Maritime lien

Article 21 - Duty to provide security

Article 22 - Interim payment

Article 23 - Limitation of actions

Article 24 - Interest

Article 25 - State-owned cargoes

Article 26 - Humanitarian cargoes

Article 27 - Publication of arbitral awards

Chapter V - Final clauses

Article 28 - Signature, ratification, acceptance approval and accession

Article 29 - Entry into force

Article 30 - Reservations

Article 31 - Denunciation

Article 32 - Revision and amendment

Article 33 - Depositary

Article 34 - Languages


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IMO, International Convention On Salvage, 1989

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

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The International Convention On Salvage, IMO 1989

Chapter V - Final clauses

Article 33 - Depositary

1. This convention shall be deposited with the Secretary-General.

2. The Secretary-General shall:

(a) inform all States which have signed this Convention or acceded thereto, and all Members of the Organization, of:

(i) each new signature or deposit of an instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession together with the date thereof;

(ii) the date of the entry into force of this Convention;

(iii) the deposit of any instrument of denunciation of this Convention together with the date on which it is received and the date on which the denunciation takes effect;

(iv) any amendment adopted in conformity with article 32;

(v) the receipt of any reservation, declaration or notification made under this Convention;

(b) transmit certified true copies of this Convention to all States which have signed this Convention or acceded thereto.

3. As soon as this Convention enters into force, a certified true copy thereof shall be transmitted by the Depositary to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for registration and publication in accordance with Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations.

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