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Information Technology


Electronic Publishing & Markup

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Electronic Publishing & Markup

This list does not attempt to be exhaustive. It provides links to sources we have found particularly useful, and to other more comprehensive lists of sources on the subject.

List Design and Resource Bases

List Character Sets

List TeX & LaTeX



List XML


List PDF (Adobe)

List Yaml

List PHP - Hypertext Pre-processor

List HTML Special Characters

List UCS

List Unicode

List Image Technology

List Sound Technology

List Multimedia Technology

List Collaborative Publishing

Book title: "Practical Digital Libraries: Books, Bytes & Bucks" Michael Lesk

External Link  Source Bank Revolution9. Search tool for developers on the Internet containing over 5000 fully searchable and browsable resources to help help software professionals in their development tasks. (announced August 24, 1999)

Tex & LaTeX

External Link  The TeXbook

External Link  LaTeX A document preparation system

External Link  TeX Resources on the Web

External Link  LaTeX: A Document Preparation System

External Link  A (La)Tex encyclopaedia External Link  LaTeX Navigator

External Link  LyX (LaTeX Editor)

External Link  Primer Getting Started with LaTeX, David R. Wilkins

External Link  LaTeX help

External Link  LaTeX 2 HTML

External Link  All About LaTeX2HTML Nikos Drakos

External Link  teTeX

External Link  teTeX 0.9 download

External Link  Lyx

External Link  IBM Tech Explorer Browser plug-in enabling viewing of LaTeX documents (MS IE; Netscape)

External Link  Groff home page

FTP Groff download

Markup - Hypertext

Markup - Xanadu

External Link  Xanadu (developing Ted Nelson's original idea for hypertext)

External Link  About xanadu

Markup - HTML

External Link  HTML 4.01 Specification W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999 (evolved development of Tim Berners Lee's hypertext markup for the www) (html and xml are subsets of sgml)

External Link  NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML

External Link  HTML Tutorial

External Link  Character entity references in HTML 4

External Link  iso8859-1 table HTML Special Characters

External Link  HTML 4.0 Reference Library (3Mb Download)

Markup - XHTML

External Link  XHTML The Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. A reformulation of HTML 4.0 in XML 1.0 by the External Link  W3C. Proposed Recommendation of 10 December 1999.

Markup - XML

External Link  W3 Org XML (html and xml are subsets of sgml) External Link  XSL - W3 Consortium External Link  W3 Consortium Working Draft

External Link  SGML/XML Page Robin Cover OASIS XML Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards External Link  XML: Extensible Markup Language

External Link  XML com

External Link  XML Hack Developer News from the XML Community

External Link  Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language

External Link  XML FAQ

External Link  XML Tree "The Leading Directory of XML Content on the Web" Monitoring Updates with XML

External Link  XML News

External Link  CPEX "Global standards for privacy-enabled customer data exchange" Coordinated effort of 21 consortium members to standardise the collection of customer data in XML. A coordinated effort to standardise XML tags and DTDs [Document Type Definitions], with regard to customer data, to ensure its interoperability and to prevent the fragmentation of XML.

External Link  XML dot com

External Link  XML & IBM Developer Works

External Link  Featured XML resources Selected from developerWorks and IBM product sites

XML Vocabularies

External Link  Legal XML "mission to develop open non-proprietary technical standards for legal documents and related applications"

External Link  XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language ()

External Link  RosettaNet Business to business information exchange using XML, UML and other common protocols

External Link  IFX - Interactive Financial Exchange

External Link  ebXML Breaking News! The UN and OASIS effort: "Creating a Single Global Electronic Market"

External Link  Monthly Archives for ebxml-awareness

External Link  Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML) The XML Cover Pages

External Link  XAML where is it then? External Link  XAML (Transaction Authority Markup Language) "vendor neutral that enables the coordination and processing of online transactions in the rapidly developing in the rapidly emerging world of XML web services" backed by Hewlet Packard, IBM, Oracle, and Sun.

External Link  BizTalk Framework Microsoft

External Link  XML Info Company External Link  List of XML Books

External Link  Abortext XML Resources External Link  Abortext XSL Tutorial

External Link  XML Schema Requirements

External Link  XML and Databases by Ronald Bourret, Technical University of Darmstadt

External Link  DocBook including the online text External Link  DocBook: The Definitive Guide by Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner 1-56592-580-7

External Link  DocBook Install mini-HOWTO Robert B Easter

XML Software

External Link  XML Software

External Link  SAX by its primary author David Megginson

External Link  John Cowan's XML index

External Link  XML::DOM CPAN Perl

External Link  Free XML Software

External Link  XML for All

External Link  XML Authority XML authoring tool

External Link  X Metal XML authoring tool

External Link  FpML an XML-based markup language that allows for Net-based integration of services such as electronic trading and risk analysis backed by IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers and J.P. Morgan. 18/06/1999

External Link  Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) Cover Pages External Link  ECML Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) is to be a universal format for wallets and merchant web sites. ECML uses a set of uniform field names to streamlines the process by which merchants collect electronic data for shipping, billing, and payment. Its development is a collaboration between: American Express, AOL, Compaq, CyberCash, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, SETCo, Sun Microsystems, Transactor Networks, Trintech, and Visa. 18/06/1999

External Link  Enhydra Open Source Java/XML Application Server

Markup - SGML

External Link  SGML Org

External Link  SGML/XML Page Robin Cover

FTP SGML ftp Oslo

External Link  Softquad - Panorama - SGML browser

External Link  SGML Tools External Link  SGML Tools - download

PDF - Adobe

External Link  PDF Portable Document Format Adobe

External Link  Acrobat Reader

External Link  Xpdf


Yaml - Yet Another Markup Language

External Link  Yaml - Yet Another Markup Language (structured data storage/ programming language independent data structures. Improved coding efficiency, little "markup" and simplified parsing, natural programming fit, (unlike XML? well more natural & efficient (in programming (& storage) terms) than XML anyway.))

External Link  Yaml list information

External Link  Yaml wiki

External Link  Most recent Yaml messages [Yaml core on Geocrawler] External Link  Yaml Maiing list External Link  Look Ma, No Tags Yaml Article at XML.com External Link  Yaml Reference Card External Link  Yaml Ain't Markup Language Yaml Spec.

External Link  Yaml XML

External Link  Yaml for Ruby

External Link  Yaml for Ruby Cookbook

External Link  Yaml for Ruby Documentation

External Link  Yaml for Ruby

External Link  Yaml for Ruby SourceForge External Link  Yaml.rb RAA entry (Ruby Application Archive) External Link  Yaml (oni etc) Toms Lib External Link  RubyYamlEmitter

Markup - PHP

See Segment  PHP

See also Segment  Zope

Design and Resource Bases

External Link  Web Designer's Paradise

External Link  Use IT Alertbox column, Jakob Nielsen

External Link  Webmaster Reference Library

External Link  Web Mastery Guides to HTML

External Link  Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing by Philip Greenspun

External Link  Intelliforum Beyond HTML: "a resource for web developers, covering concepts that extend beyond basic HTML development" "focus here is on how to further utilise [web related]... technologies to your advantage"

See Segment  PHP

and Segment  Zope

External Link  WebDAV Resources "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". A set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.

External Link  WebDAV FAQ

External Link  Mod Dav (an Apache Dav module)

External Link  OpenLDAP Open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

External Link  LDAP: Use as Directed by Tim Howes (co-author of LDAP), Netscape External Link  A System Administrator's View of LDAP External Link  An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ External Link  PerLDAP: Source Code Release contact Leif Hedstrom, Mozilla External Link  PerLDAP Programmer's Guide External Link  PerlLDAP FAQ External Link  Perl LDAP Graham Barr Mail e-mail gbarr@pobox.com

External Link  Directory Server: An LDAP PERL package for creating an interface to LDAP API on UNIX platforms External Link  Linux LDAP & SSL integration External Link  LDAP Mail e-mail ldap@umich.edu archive External Link  Introduction to the SLAPD and SLURPD Administrator's Guide

External Link  SOAP - Microsoft

External Link  SOAP DevelopMentor

External Link  SOAP Frequently Asked Questions

External Link  Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) OASIS

External Link  SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

External Link  Web Wisdom

External Link  DevHead ZD Net

External Link  CNet Web Builder

External Link  Web Page Design for Designers

Character Sets

List HTML Special Characters

List UCS - Universal Character Set

List Unicode

External Link  Character Set Standards @ Diffuse

HTML Special Characters

External Link  HTML Document Representation

External Link  Using Special Characters on Web Pages: Cross-Platform Considerations by Bob Baumel

External Link  Special Characters in HTML "ISO Latin" and "HTML Entities"

External Link  íSpecial HTML Characters! Otherwise known as iso8859-1

External Link  Special HTML ISO Standard ISO8859-1 Latin-1 Characters Codes

External Link  HTML and Forms FAQ

External Link  Special Characters Reference Web Monkey

External Link  Character Set Standards @ Diffuse

External Link  Guide to character sets @ Diffuse

UCS - Universal Character Set

External Link  The Universal Character Set (UCS) "the Universal Multi-octet Coded Character Set (UCS) specified in ISO/IEC 10646-1 For many applications of the UCS, the characters of the BMP are all that will be required. It would be very wasteful of resources if a 32-bit coding was imposed on applications that required only a subset that could be encoded in 16 bits."

External Link  Subject: ISO 8859-1 National Character Set FAQ

External Link  Roadmaps to the Universal Character Set This page indexes a number of real-size maps of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode


External Link  The Unicode Standard Unicode home page

External Link  What is Unicode?

External Link  FAQ

External Link  Unicode in the Unix Environment by Roman Czyborra

External Link  Unicode and Multilingual Support in Web Browsers and HTML Alan Wood's Unicode Resources

External Link  Unicode Transformation Formats: UTF-8 & Co.

Other character Sets

External Link  International register of coded character sets to be used with escape sequences

Image Technology

External Link  Portable Network Graphics

External Link  Portable Network Graphics at W3

External Link  Multiple-image Network Graphics A PNG-like Image Format Supporting Multiple Images, Animation and Transparent JPEGs

External Link  SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics Vector Graphics in XML - Animation External Link  Vector Graphics in XML - Animation W3C


Ogg Vorbis

External Link  Ogg Vorbis "fully Open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general purpose compressed audio format for high quality"

External Link  Ogg beats MP3 & The Rest In Listening Test Slashdot


External Link  MP3 .com

External Link  MPeg3 software site

External Link  MP3 Debate

External Link  MP3 Box

External Link  Excite on MP3

External Link  MP3 Encoder

External Link  CD Copy

External Link  Win Amp External Link  NullSoft

Interest Groups

External Link  Secure Digital Music Initiative Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) will endorse no single format. "SDMI is trying to establish standards for hardware players. Beyond that they will develop standards for security and watermarking but it is unlikely it will recommend a single format

External Link  Artist Direct


External Link  SMIL at the W3 Consortium

External Link  Smil Links Web Developer

External Link  SMIL at the XML Resource Guide

External Link  Cult 3D

External Link  Shockwave Macromedia

Collaborative (web) Publishing Tools/tech

External Link  TWikki "a flexible, powerful, and easy to use Web-based collaboration platform. Use TWiki to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Web content can be created collaboratively by using just a browser" External Link   

External Link  Zope "the leading Open Source web application server. Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. Zope makes it easy to build features such as site search, news, personalization, and e-commerce into your web applications."

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