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Information Technology


Data Management, Search Engine Developers and Linux Databases

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Data Management, Search Engine Developers and Linux Databases

List File Systems and File System Management

List Data Query and Management

List Databases


List Web Search Engine Developers

List Data Warehousing

List Knowledge Mapping

List Thought Organisers

List Information Trackers

List Placing Databases on the Web - DB, Web Server, Web Presentation Interface

File Systems and File System Management


External Link  Samba - file services

External Link  OpenLDAP Open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Thor External Link  Timpanogas Research Group (TRG) open source, NDS-compliant directory for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux.

Journaled and other advanced File Systems for Linux

See Segment  Journaled and other advanced File Systems

Data Query and Management

External Link  OpenLDAP Open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

External Link  Gnu SQL


Open Source Projects

External Link  MySQL

External Link  MySQL dot com

External Link  SQL language DMOZ Programming Languages, Open Directory Project

External Link  PostgreSQL "is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere."

External Link  PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts by Bruce Momjian

External Link  Interbase Open Source Database

External Link  the Kylix Project Rapid Application Development for the GNU/Linux Operating System

External Link  IBPhoenix information services to developers and users of Interbase


External Link  DB2 IBM

External Link  Informix

External Link  Oracle

External Link  Sybase

External Link  SAP business software


External Link  Object-Oriented DBMSs

External Link  Object-Oriented Databases: General Information Cetus Links

External Link  An annotated bibliography on object oriented databases by Frank Stajano

External Link  Database Systems

External Link  Object Oriented DBMS by Herng-Jeng Jou

External Link  Versant

External Link  Object Store Sun

Search Engine Developers

If you just want to search the web the page you are after is: Segment  web searches

External Link  DMoz - Computers: Software: Internet: Servers: Search

External Link  DMoz - Computers: Internet: Searching: Search Engines

External Link  Namazu

External Link  Mogosearch


External Link  Pure object-oriented Database Management Systems Cetus

External Link  Object Oriented Links Sysnetics

External Link  Object Oriented Databases Arthur Allen Gleckler

External Link  ODBMS Resources A.B. Chaudhri

External Link  Object Database Management Group

External Link  Object Design

External Link  The Object Database Standard Rick Cattell

news://comp.databases.object/ Object Database Newsgroup

External Link  Object Database vs. Object-Relational Databases Steve McClure IDC Bulletin #14821E - August 1997

External Link  Whatever Happened to Obect-Oriented Databases?

External Link  Object Design

External Link  Objectivity

External Link  Jasmine Computer Associates, Inc. External Link  Fujitsu

External Link  Poet

External Link  Versant Object Technology

External Link  Osmos Unisys

External Link  Persistence Live Object Server

External Link  Ontos Intergrator

External Link  Neo Logic

External Link  Matisse Software ADB

External Link  Gemstone

External Link  Allegro Store Frantz

Vendors: GemStone, Object Design, Objectivity, POET, Unidata (O2), Versant.

Placing Databases on the Web

External Link  MySQL DevShed

External Link  Home of the bitbybit.dk MySQL FAQ

External Link  PHP / MySQL Tutorial

External Link  MySQL Perl DBI/DBD Manual

Data Warehousing, Backup and Storage

External Link  Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery, DaWaK 1999, 1st Annual Conference. Held at the University of Florence, Italy

External Link  Backup

External Link  Data Haven claimed to be "the world's most secure colocation facility based on the worlds smallest sovereign territory, the Principality of Sealand"

External Link  Sealand located in the southern part of the North Sea some six miles off the coast of Britain and from sixty-five to one hundred miles from the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany; Latitude 51.53 N, Longitude 01.28 E

External Link  The Data Warehousing Institute

External Link  Data Warehouse

External Link  The Data Warehousing Information Center

External Link  Data Warehousing at Stanford

External Link  IT Toolbox portal for Data Warehousing

External Link  Data Warehousing and OLAP a Research-Oriented Bibliography (in progress) by Alberto Mendelzon, University of Toronto

External Link  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases by Jin Li

External Link  An Introduction to Data Warehousing by V. R. Gupto, Senior Consultant, Systems Services Corporation

Knowledge Management and Mapping

External Link  Cartia Visual information mapping

External Link  News Maps using Cartia to map "thousands of news articles, press releases and discussions, all mapped by topic onto a visual landscape."

External Link  Autonomy software to automatically extract the meaning from any piece of text...

External Link  Hummingbird

External Link  Dataware

Thought Organisers

External Link  Mind Manager (Windows)

External Link  The Brain (Windows)

Information Trackers

External Link  Enfish Information Tracker

External Link  Abuzz


External Link  Controlled vocabularies Resource Guide Page providing links to examples of thesauri and to classification schemes that may be used for controlling database or WWW site subject content. It also provides links to descriptive and critical material about such metainformation.

External Link  Software for building and editing thesauri Willpower Information External Link  Comparison of thesaurus management software for PCs

External Link  American Society of Indexers

External Link  Controlled vocabularies Michael Middleton

External Link  MultiTes Thesaurus Development Software

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 Table of Contents 

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