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Information Technology


Net Security and Security Hacking

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Net Security and Security Hacking

This list does not attempt to be exhaustive. It provides links to sources we have found particularly useful, and to other more comprehensive lists of sources on the subject.

Also of interest off this site TOC linked .html Electronic Commerce and Encryption its legal aspects and other associated links

See separate sections devoted to Electronic Commerce...

Recommended Texts

Practical Unix & Internet Security by Simson Garfikel and Gene Spafford 1996 O Reilly 1-56592-148-8

Maximum Linux Security A Hacker's Guide to Protecting your Linux Server and Workstation by Anonymous 2000 SAMS 0-672-31670-6

Security Hacking and knowing about it to prevent it


External Link  CERT

External Link  Phrack

External Link  CVE - Security Dictionary of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Mitre

External Link  Unix Computer Security

External Link  Security Software "a list of programs used to improve security of computers running a Unix operating system. (A good number of these programs also have non-Unix versions.) "

External Link  PrivSoft "Privacy Software Corporation is committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive privacy tools available to Internet users. As privacy and security concerns on the Net evolve in their nature and sophistication, we will be here to provide the tools needed for the future. If you would like to learn more about these issues, please examine our FTC White Paper on privacy and security."

External Link  Network Security Page including Hacker's Tutorial our top pick

External Link  Computer Security Information

External Link  AntiOnline - Computer Security The Internet's Information Security Super Center!

External Link  The AIDE manual (open source security software) by Rami Lehti

External Link  Tripwire (open source security software)

External Link  Satan

External Link  NSClean

External Link  SuperAnt Security Hacking Software CD for Linux

The Underground (Security Hacking and knowing about it to preventing it)

External Link  Web Fringe Top Sites External Link  Top 100

External Link  Hackz

External Link  War Forge

External Link  Terrorist

External Link  NetBus Pro External Link  NetBus

External Link  Cult of the Dead Cow Back Orifice

External Link  WinWhatWhere

External Link  Attrition

External Link  Zone Alarm Zone Laboratories free utility designed to protect against spyware, by preventing applications from accessing the Internet without explicit permission. Its main focus is stopping data on the way out.

External Link  The Haker Quarterly 2600 Hacker's page


External Link  Visual Route (Windows)

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