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Institute Marine Cargo Clauses

B Clauses


1. - Risks Clause

2. - General Average Clause

3. - "Both to Blame Collision" Clause


4. - General Exclusion Clause

5. - Unseaworthiness and Unfitness Exclusion Clause

6. - War Exclusion Clause

7. - Strikes Exclusion Clause


8. - Transit Clause

9. - Termination of Contract of Carriage Clause

10. - Change of Voyage Clause


11. - Insurable Interest Clause

12. - Forwarding Charges Clause

13. - Constructive Total Loss Clause

14. - Increased Value Clause


15. - Not to Inure Clause


16. - Duty of Assured Clause

17. - Waiver Clause


18. - Reasonable Despatch Clause


19. - English Law and Practice Clause

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Institute Marine Cargo Clauses, B

Institute Marine Cargo Clauses

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Institute Marine Cargo Clauses

B Clauses


8. - Transit Clause

8.1 This insurance attaches from the time the goods leave the warehouse or place of storage at the place named herein for the commencement of the transit, continues during the ordinary course of transit and terminates either

8.1.1 on delivery to the Consignees' or other final warehouse or place of storage at the destination named herein,

8.1.2 on delivery to any other warehouse or place of storage, whether prior to or at the destination named herein, which the Assured elect to use either for storage other than in the ordinary course of transit or for allocation or distribution, or

8.1.3 on the expiry of 60 days after completion of discharge overside of the goods hereby insured from the oversea vessel at the final port of discharge, whichever shall first occur.

8.2 If, after discharge overside from the oversea vessel at the final port of discharge, but prior to termination of this insurance, the goods are to be forwarded to a destination other than that to which they are insured hereunder, this insurance, whilst remaining subject to termination as provided for above, shall not extend beyond the commencement of transit to such other destination.

8.3 This insurance shall remain in force (subject to termination as provided for above and to the provisions of Clause 9 below) during delay beyond the control of the Assured, any deviation, forced discharge, reshipment or transhipment and during any variation of the adventure arising from the exercise of a liberty granted to shipowners or charterers under the contract of affreightment.

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