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Lex Mercatoria: Intellectual Property

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Lex Mercatoria: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (protection of)

Intellectual Property - General

Policy & Interest Groups


Domain Names


Industrial Designs


TRIPS - Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Alternative Memes

The Nature of Free
Software Free License
Software Open Source
Social Contracts
Creative Commons
Open Publishing
Dual Licenses
Against Software Patents

Intellectual Property - Journals Magazines and Discussions





Essential Links


Intellectual Property Network Delphion (IBM)

ECUP Copyright Focal Point " 'one-stop shop' for information on European copyright developments." Copyright Information

AIPLA American Intellectual Property Law Association

Useful Links


Intellectual Property Mall Franklin Pierce Law Center

Technology Law Resource KuesterLaw by Jeffrey R. Kuester

Intellectual Property Berkeley Sims

Intellectual Property Links Soroker - Agmon, Advocates and Patent Attorneys

Intellectual Property Sites Research The World by New York Law Firm Calotta Levine Samuel, L.L.P.

Intellectual Property Ladas & Parry

AIPLA - American Intellectual Property Law Association

Intellectual Property Law Section American Bar Association


Copyright Sites DocDel

Copyright Myths USENET article

Thomson and Thomson on Trademarks and Copyright

Plagiarism Org detection of plagiarized works on the Net (proprietary plagiarism detection algorithms that have been used at U.C. Berkeley and abroad.)

ILT Guide to Copyright Columbia University, Institute for Learning Technologies

Trademark Law Treaty What's In a Name? by Johnathan Agmon

Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (Madrid Protocol 1989), adopted at Madrid on June 27, 1989.

Regulations under the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (of April 22, 1988) (Madrid Regulations 1989)

All About Trademarks by Gregory H. Guillot

Ladas & Parry Firm - including information on the Community Trademark

Madrid Agreement What's In a Name? by Johnathan Agmon

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property of March 20, 1883, at BRUSSELS on December 14, 1900, at WASHINGTON on June 2, 1911, at THE HAGUE on November 6, 1925, at LONDON on June 2, 1934, at LISBON on October 31, 1958, and at STOCKHOLM or, July 14, 1967, and as amended on October 2, 1979 (notes) all at WIPO

What's In A Name by Johnathan Agmon



⌠PCT (1970)⌡gopher://palimpsest.stanford.edu:70/00/ByTopic/copyright/patent.cooperation.treaty.1970.txt

The Paris Convention for The Protection Of Industrial Property What's in a Name? by Jonathan Agmon, Stacey Halpern and David Pauker

Regulations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty⌡gopher://palimpsest.stanford.edu:70/00/ByTopic/copyright/patent.cooperation.treaty.regs.1970.txt [ ⌠CLOSED ] Regulations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (as in force from July 1, 1992) * Adopted on June 19, 1970, and amended on April 14, 1978, October 3, 1978, May 1, 1979, June 16, 1980, September 26, 1980, July 3, 1981, September 10, 1982, October 4, 1983, February 3, 1984, September 28, 1984, October 1, 1985, July 12, 1991, and October 2, 1991. At US-PTO/WIPO

Patent Law LII Cornell University

Conventions and Laws etc. off the VRN Patent Law Page

The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) What's in a Name? by Jonathan Agmon, Stacey Halpern and David Pauker

An area to watch, software developer's movements, with alternative intellectual property ideas:

"Copyleft"/ GPL/ "Libert?" licenses See also below in this section

Open Sources : Voices from the Open Source Revolution 1st Edition January 1999, O'Reilly & Associates The Open Source Story

Open Source Software economics by Andrew Welch, 2003

"Involve users worldwide in software creation as allowing them to contribute to the ongoing process of improving the software they use, results in more useful, better designed, and more robust creations." Eric Raymond

What is OSSI? The Open-Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a non-profit (501 c 6) organization comprised of corporate, government and academic representatives whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open-source software solutions within U.S. Federal and State government agencies and academic entities.


QT Freelicense License Trolltech


NO ePATENTS Eurolinux

Letter to the Patent Office From Professor Donald Knuth

Intellectual Property Magazine a quarterly online magazine addressing issues in law and policy for high technology.

Technology and Intellectual Property Journals Journal of Technology Law and Policy

Intellectual Property Publications Franklin Pierce Law Center








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