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Lex Mercatoria: International Economic Law

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Lex Mercatoria: International Economic Law

International Economic Law / Public International Commercial Law - Treaties Related to Free Trade and or Economic Union

GATT and the World Trade Organisation

World Trade Agreement

European Union (Maastricht)

European Union (Maastricht)

North American Free Trade Agreement

Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) - Historical

International Trade Law

Public Law



Trade Regulation and Corruption

Regional Groupings and Harmonising Instruments

African Union
COMESA - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
ECOWAS - Economic Community of West African States
NEPAD - New Plan for African Development
OAU - Organization of African Unity
The Americas
The Commonwealth
Group of 8
Group of 8
OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
United Nations
Hague Conference on Private International Law


Other Investment Related Links
Ethical Globalisation? Questions, Issues, Objections & Protests
Correction of Poverty
IP Issues
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) - historical



GATT 1994 (2001-2002 ed.) Cornell LII

LLRX - WTO/GATT Research By Jeanne Rehberg Law Library Resource Xchange

World Trade ILS Reference Guides Harvard University

Global Trade Negotiations Home Page Center for International Development at Harvard University (Albert Cho and Odette Yousef under the guidance of Prof. Dani Rodrik and Prof. Robert Lawrence)

Researching International Economic Law on the Internet Institute of International Economic Law Georgetown University Law Center

ASIL Guide to International Economic Law Jean M. Wenger for the American Society of International Law

Other Major Ministerial Declarations and Decision (Courtesy of Kazuo Chujo - source documents. Additional check not made.):

White House "US National Documents" gopher://cyfer.esusda.gov/11/ace/hot.topic.links/gatt Gopher version and WP5.1 and other text formats.

WTO Guides and Summaries What is the WTO? WTO on the WTO

WTO Panel Decisions Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Rowe & Maw UK

Book title: "The World Trading System : Law and Policy of International Economic Relations" by John H. Jackson

gopher://gopher.law.cornell.edu/00/foreign/fletcher/BH209.txt GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1947 as amended through 1966)

Seattle December 1999 spawned protest (on the streets and in cyberspace) from a wide variety of sources with differing and sometimes conflicting agenda, which included: environmentalists; developing countries; and trade unions.

What's wrong with the WTO? A guide to where the mines are buried by Peter Costantini ~ Seattle ~ November 2001

European Union Wikipedia entry

European Information Association 'Developing, co-ordinating and improving access to EU information'

EuroInternet Information Resources Related to European Integration on the Internet. Michael Nentwich

EU resources WWW Virtual Library

European Union Resource Guide EU in the US, Delegation of the European Commission, Washington, DC

The first interdisciplinary, peer reviewed publication on the Web in the field of European Integration, at the Austrian branch of the European Communities Studies Association. Editor in Chief Michael Nentwich. Launched 10 April 1997.

Treaty on European Union July 1992, Maastricht Treaty unamended


NAFTA Wikipedia entry

NAFTA Resources at Berkeley

Multilateral Agreement on Investment Draft, Distributed January 13, 1997 cancelling and replacing the same document sent on OLIS 08-Jan-1997

MAI at FLORA "Fair Trade not Free Trade"

MAI at the Global Policy Forum "we monitor global policy making at the United Nations"

Neo-Classical Economic Globalization is not a "fact of life"

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment Appleton & Associates

MAI:Potential Effects on State & Local Government Western Governors' Association

Multilateral Agreement on Investment Global Policy Forum

MAI Fact Sheet Friends of The Earth-US February 19, 1997 OECD on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment

Multilateral Agreement on Investment US State Department, Archive

Multilateral Agreement on Investment and article, by Anup Shah, 2000





International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures (Kyoto, 18 May 1973) | Amending Supplement No. 13 - January 1993 World Customs Organization (refind)


Braumiller & Rodriguez, L.L.C. a Customs and International Trade Law Firm

Will consider development of this page and its relationship to other listings on this site including

See also: Organizations


African Union Wikipedia entry

COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

ECOWAS Wikipedia entry

NEPAD Wikipedia entry

See African Union


OHADA about

Organisation for Harmonisation of African Business Law (Ohada) Treaty, 1993, Mauritius Francophone initiative, signed in Mauritius in 1993, entered into effect in July 1995 after the seventh ratification. Open to any member of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity).

"Article 3 of the Treaty has set up an organization in charge of its implementation, named 'Organisation for Harmonisation of African Business Laws, (OHADA) which comprises a Council of Ministers and a Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA). The Council of Minister is assisted by a Permanent Secretary to which is attached a Regional Institute of Magistrates installed in Porto-Novo (Benin).

* the Uniform Act on General Business Law

* the Uniform Act on the Company Laws and Pooling of Economic Interest

* the Uniform Act on organization of securities

Three other Uniform Acts (on Bankruptcy law, Debt collection and Enforcement law, Accounting law) are being drafted and will probably be adopted on April 1st 1998."

A regional commercial arbitration court is to be established in Ivory Coast by the middle of 1999.

Also see NAFTA

Legal Information Institute Cornell University School of Law

Mercosur Red Acad?mica Uruguaya

MERCOSUR Wikipedia entry

See Nafta in the section on Free Trade


ASEAN Wikipedia entry

The Commonwealth of Nations Wikipedia entry

BAILII British and Irish Legal Information Institute (2000)

G7 - Group of 7 Wikipedia entry

G8 Information Center the University of Toronto Library and the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto

G8 - Goup of * Wikipedia entry


European Union Wikipedia entry

See Maastricht in the section on

Council of Europe Wikipedia entry


OECD Wikipedia entry


See also: Organizations


United Nations Wikipedia entry

HC-PIL - locally maintained information

Unidroit - locally maintained information

UN World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa

Online Computer Library Centre OCLC Public Affairs Information Service "current issues and actions which affect the world communities, countries, and governments." database

Global Policy Forum "we monitor global policy making at the United Nations"

Eldis "gateway to development information"

FLORA "Fair Trade not Free Trade"


Eldis "Gateway to Development Information"

War on Want Campaign against World Poverty

Patenting Life Is Wrong, Some Say By Paul Elias The Associated Press, February 1, 2002

Who owns your DNA? Genetic research that can save lives is often stymied by biotech companies' greedy patent claims. by Arthur Allen, Salon.com March 7, 2000

MIT to Make Nearly all course material available free on the World Wide Web "unprecedented step challenges the privatization of knowledge" MIT News - April 4 2001

Eben Moglen Professor of Law & Legal History, Columbia Law School

Lawrence Lessig (Professor) Stanford Law School

See section on MAI













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