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Ireland - Arbitration Act, 1980 (Number 7 of 1980)


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Ireland - Arbitration Act, 1980 (Number 7 of 1980)


Part I - Preliminary and General

1. Short Title and Collective Citation

2. Definitions

3. Commencement

4. Repeal

Part II - Effect of Arbitration Agreement on Court Proceedings

5. Staying Court Proceedings where Party Proves Arbitration Agreement

Part III - Enforcement of New York Convention Awards

6. Interpretation (Part III)

7. Effect of Awards

8. Evidence

9. Refusal of Enforcement

10. Non-Application of Part V of Principal Act

11. Saving for other Rights

Part IV - Enforcement of Washington Convention Awards

12. Interpretation (Part IV)

13. Approval of Acceptance

14. Government Contribution Under Washington Convention and Expenses

15. Application of Principal Act and other Enactments

16. Enforcement of Pecuniary Obligations Imposed by Award

17. Power of High Court to Stay Enforcement


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Rights: Copyright ©  1980 Ireland

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