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Lex Mercatoria: Law Sites

Law Sites - Other Subject Areas

International Business/Commercial Law

International Trade Law

International Economic Law

Information Technology Law

International & Transnational Law (and Foreign law lists)

Law and Economics

Public International Law

Law and Politics

Law Sites - Miscellany

Some Influential Academic Law Sites on The Internet

US short-list

Law Universities and Academics

Law on The Internet - Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws, Rules and Forms

Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws and Rules
Contract Forms

Law Libraries, Publishers and Research Guides

Law Publishers
Law Libraries
Research Guides

Law Journals and Periodicals

Law Firms and Associations

Law Associations
Law Student Associations
Law Firms

Law Search and Find - Link Repositories, and Search Assistants

Law Sites Compendium


SiSU Metadata, document information


SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

Lex Mercatoria: Law Sites

Ralph Amissah

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Lex Mercatoria: Law Sites

Law Sites - Miscellany

Law Search and Find - Link Repositories, and Search Assistants

This list does not attempt to be exhaustive. It provides links to sources we have found particularly useful, and to other more comprehensive lists of sources on the subject. There is no ranking, and the "mere puffs" [advertising] where available are included as "appetizers".

World Law AustLII

Find Law originally at Stanford University

LawCrawler Find Law

WWW Virtual Law Library Sponsored by: The Indiana University School of Law Library and The World Wide Web Virtual Library

Legal information on the internet - an annotated list of web sites compiled by Sarah Carter, University of Kent @ Canterbury Law School

Law.com "the best destination for anyone wanting legal information"

All Law The Lawyer's Homepage  

MegaLaw "Lawyers' Window to the Web"

CataLaw Metaindex of law and government "CATALAW is the catalog of catalogs of law on the 'net. It speeds research by arranging all legal and government indexes on the 'net into a single, simple, intuitive metaindex."

Legal Dot " LdN is for those who provide, regulate, support or are merely interested in knowing about legal services."

Internet Legal Resource Guide originally at the University of Texas, School of Law "this site was established to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America. Designed for everyone, lay persons and legal scholars alike, it is quality controlled to include only the most substantive legal resources online. The selection criteria are predicated on two principles: the extent to which the resource is unique, as well as the relative value of the information it provides"

Law Links "the Internet's most comprehensive legal resource site for both Attorneys and Consumers."

W3 Lawyer New Jersey Law Network

The WWW Virtual Library Law List at Indiana University School of Law. Their alternative law list.

The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School

Hieros Gamos comprehensive site for the legal profession

Legal Publications Database sponsored by Kluwer

Law Web "The final, authoritative, "mother of all" comprehensive directory of lawyer or law firm home pages on the World Wide Web. "

LawRunner using Alta Vista. Limited to US sites.

"Law Related Sites on Internet" from the University of Waikato, New Zealand

The Legal List Erik Heels

World Law Resource List Makoto Ibusuki

LAIR The Legal Automation and Internet Review at Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas.

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