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Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws and Rules
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Lex Mercatoria: Law Sites

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Lex Mercatoria: Law Sites

Law Sites - Miscellany

Law on The Internet - Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws, Rules and Forms

This list does not attempt to be exhaustive. It provides links to sources we have found particularly useful, and to other more comprehensive lists of sources on the subject.

#treaties Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws, Rules

#forms Contract Forms

Juris International a multilingual collection (English, Spanish, and French) of legal information on international trade... "the result of a partnership between the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO -" ITC " ( project leader : Jean-Fran?ois Bourque, Senior Adviser) , LexUM of the Center for Research in Public Law at the University of Montreal, Canada (project leader: Professor Daniel Poulin) and Juripole from the University of Nancy, France (project leader : Professor Fran?ois Jacquot)The partnership became official in November 1998 during the international conference " Partners for development " held in Lyon under the auspices of the United Nations. The arrangement of a partnership between international organizations and institutions from civil society seemed a pratical and viable means to attain the objectives of Juris International."

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law American Society for International Law

Treaties and International Law U.S. House of Representatives

gopher://gopher.law.cornell.edu/11/foreign/fletcher Treaties Cornell

gopher://wiretap.spies.com/11/Gov/Treaties Treaties Wiretap

International Documents and Sources at the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law

Treaties - Research Guides by Janet Sinder and updated by Katherine Topulos Duke University School of Law

Locating Treaties Online By Joseph W. Krippel

NataNet - Treaties, Free Trade Agreements, & International Agreements National Law Center for Inter American Free Trade

House of Lords Judicial Business England House of Lords Her Majesty's Stationary Office Acts of Parliament

Researching Non-U.S. Treaties by Stefanie Weigmann for LLRX

CyberLaw Encyclopedia "The I.T., I.P. and Electronic Commerce Legal Portal(tm)" Alan Gahtan

Contracts By Category State Contracts Online

Computer Contracts FCW Government Technology Group

DigiContracts "Automated Drafting of Contracts and Proposals For Software and Internet Companies ContractMaker? 4.0 Legal Contract Drafting Software" (Free evaluation)

Quickforms Contracts "Automated Drafting of Documents for Computer Industry, Internet Commerce and General Business Transactions."

Real Contracts Janet Ruhl

Freeserve's Desktop Lawyer


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