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LCIA Arbitration Rules
(adopted to take effect from 1 January 1998, that is, for arbitrations commencing on or after 1 January 1998)


Article 1 - The Request for Arbitration

Article 2 - The Response

Article 3 - The LCIA Court and Registrar

Article 4 - Notices and Periods of Time

Article 5 - Formation of the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 6 - Nationality of Arbitrators

Article 7 - Party and Other Nominations

Article 8 - Three or More Parties

Article 9 - Expedited Formation

Article 10 - Revocation of Arbitrator's Appointment

Article 11 - Nomination and Replacement of Arbitrators

Article 12 - Majority Power to Continue Proceedings

Article 13 - Communications between Parties and the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 14 - Conduct of the Proceedings

Article 15 - Submission of Written Statements and Documents

Article 16 - Seat of Arbitration and Place of Hearings

Article 17 - Language of Arbitration

Article 18 - Party Representation

Article 19 - Hearings

Article 20 - Witnesses

Article 21 - Experts to the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 22 - Additional Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 23 - Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 24 - Deposits

Article 25 - Interim and Conservatory Measures

Article 26 - The Award

Article 27 - Correction of Awards and Additional Awards

Article 28 - Arbitration and Legal Costs

Article 29 - Decisions by the LCIA Court

Article 30 - Confidentiality

Article 32 - General Rules

Article 31 - Exclusion of Liability

Recommended Arbitration Clauses

Future Disputes

Existing Disputes




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LCIA Arbitration Rules - (adopted to take effect from 1 January 1998)

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

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LCIA Arbitration Rules
(adopted to take effect from 1 January 1998, that is, for arbitrations commencing on or after 1 January 1998)

Article 10 - Revocation of Arbitrator's Appointment

10.1 If either

(a) any arbitrator gives written notice of his desire to resign as arbitrator to the LCIA Court, to be copied to the parties and the other arbitrators (if any) or

(b) any arbitrator dies, falls seriously ill. refuses, or becomes unable or unfit to act, either upon challenge by a party or at the request of the remaining arbitrators, the LCIA Court may revoke that arbitrator's appointment and appoint another arbitrator. The LCIA Court shall decide upon the amount of fees and expenses to be paid for the former arbitrator's services (if any) as it may consider appropriate in all the circumstances.

10.2 If any arbitrator acts in deliberate violation of the Arbitration Agreement (including these Rules) or does not act fairly and impartially as between the parties or does not conduct or participate in the arbitration proceedings with reasonable diligence, avoiding unnecessary delay or expense, that arbitrator may be considered unfit in the opinion of the LCIA Court.

10.3 An arbitrator may also be challenged by any party if circumstances exist that give rise to justifiable doubts as to his impartiality or independence. A party may challenge an arbitrator it has nominated, or in whose appointment it has participated, only for reasons of which it becomes aware after the appointment has been made.

10.4 Aparty who intends to challenge an arbitrator shall, within 15 days of the formation of the Arbitral Tribunal or (if later) after becoming aware of any circumstances referred to in Article 10.1, 10.2 or 10.3, send a written statement of the reasons for its challenge to the LCIA Court, the Arbitral Tribunal and all other parties. Unless the challenged arbitrator withdraws or all other parties agree to the challenge within 15 days of receipt of the written statement, the LCIA Court shall decide on the challenge.

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