Title: Lex Mercatoria: Organizations
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Subject: Multilaterals, Treaties, Conventions, Model Laws, Rules, Transnational Commerce International Trade Instruments. A Reverse Chronological List
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Lex Mercatoria: Organizations 1 Commercial Law Related Chronological List & Organizations 2 International Organizations 3 International Organizations 4 WEA and IIE 5 World Economic Forum 6 Institute for International Economics (IIE) and associated Think Tanks and Other Organizations 7 Collections 8 International Law Related Organizations at the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law, Cambridge University 9 International Business Network for Commerce and Industry IBNet 10 World Chambers Network at IBNet 11 Chambers of Commerce 12 Yahoo - International Trade Law Organizations 13 Central Banking Resource Center Mark Bernkopf 14 Union of International Associations 15 Political Resources on the Net 16 Globelaw - Sources and Reference Material   17 Trade Related Organizations 18 ASEAN 19 Bank for International Settlements, Basle, Switzerland. 20 Bolero 21 Bolero Association Limited (BAL) 22 The Commonwealth 23 Council of Europe 24 EFTA - European Free Trade Association 25 European Union Information Sources. from Europa 26 European Union Information Sources. 27 European Union Pages Online 28 European Union Offices and Information Centers 29 European Union Internet Resources 30 European Union Subject Headings 31 European Information Association 32 Other European Information Sites 33 Europa Internet 34 EuroInternet 35 Lovdata Celex on the Web 36 EU Market Access Database 37 FIDIC - International Federation of Consulting Engineers 38 Group of Eight Unofficial 39 Group of 77 40 G77 Trade Information Network 41 Hague Conference on Private International Law 42 HC-PIL 43 International Air Transport Association (IATA) - Geneva, Switzerland and Montreal, Canada 44 International Bar Association 45 International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce. IBCC "The World Forum of Chambers of Commerce". Official page. 46 International Chamber of Commerce. ICC "The World Business Organization" Official page. 47 ICC Address, List of Publications and Copyright Notice 48 ICC International Court of Arbitration 49 IISD - International Institute for Sustainable Development. 50 International Maritime Committee (IMC) also known as the Comite Maritime International (CMI). 51 International Maritime Organization (IMO) 52 International Monetary Fund (IMF) 53 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 54 International Trade Center (ITC) WTO/UNCTAD Index to Trade Information Sources on the Net 55 Internet Chamber of Commerce 56 LCIA 57 LCIA 58 London Metal Exchange links 59 Mercosur 60 MERCOSUR 61 MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency 62 NAFTA Secretariat 63 NAFTA Resources on Internet 64 OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 65 OECD, Washington 66 Ohada 67 Transparency International 68 United Nations - International Law 69 United Nations Treaty Collection 70 ../un/doc 71 UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, Home Page. 72 UNCITRAL 73 UNCITRAL 74 UNCTAD United Nations Commission on Trade and Development 75 UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization 76 Unidroit - The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law. (an inter-governmental organization) 77 Unidroit 78 WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization (UN affiliated inter-governmental organization) updated 79 WIPO 80 WIPO 81 WIPO Arbitration Center 82 World Bank (inter-governmental organization) 83 Current events, press releases and bank news. 84 International Finance Corporation 85 International Trade Division 86 MIGA Investment Promotion Agency Network (IPAnet). 87 IPAnet 88 World Trade Centers Association 89 WTO - World Trade Organization 90 WTO economic research and analysis division home page 91 The WTA - World Trade Agreement 92 United Kingdom 93 Bank of England 94 Her Majesty's Treasury 95 Financial Services Authority 96 Office of Fair Trading 97 Department of Trade and Industry UK 98 London Metal Exchange links 99 United States 100 US International Trade Commission <http://www.usitc.gov/tr/LEGAL4.HTM> Legal Information 101 US Chamber of Commerce 102 Trade Resources 103 United States Department of Commerce 104 STAT-USA/Internet a service of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Library (a very large and official US collection of trade related documents) Economics and Statistics Administration FAQ 105 Commercial News USA The U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Marketing Magazine. FAQ 106 ⌠The U.S. National Trade Data Bank - gopher.⌡gopher://gopher.stat-usa.gov:70/11/STAT-USA/NTDB ⌠What is the U.S. Trade Data Bank?⌡gopher://sunny.stat-usa.gov:70/00/STAT-USA/NTDB/Intro/ntdbfly.txt 107 United States International Trade Statistics 108 Private International Law Database US Department of State 109 Commodity Futures Trading Commission 110 Metadata SiSU Metadata, document information Manifest SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.