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Lex Mercatoria: Reference Resources and other Miscellany

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Compendium of Miscellany

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Contact & Order information for Lex Mercatoria & Cameron May


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SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

Lex Mercatoria: Reference Resources and other Miscellany

Ralph Amissah

copy @ Lex Mercatoria

Lex Mercatoria: Reference Resources and other Miscellany

List Compendium

LM Search and Web Searches

Local Search using Google


Search WWW lexmercatoria.org

Advanced Google Search of this site

This set of links is complied to provide you with a quick and convenient location for news sources that we have found particularly useful to date.

#majors Majors

#multisearch Multi Search

#natural Natural Language

#specialist Some Specialist Search Sites

#download Downloadable Tools

Ask Jeeves and Excite - synonym analysis

Fast Search see All The Web

MSN Search Microsoft

Overture (formerly GoTo)

Teoma - link structure analysis (also DirectHit)

KartOO [requires Flash]

InfoSeek uses Google for searching

IXquick stellar - appears to search the most extensive range of engines, and to produce decently presented results: stellar Ask Jeeves/Teoma EntireWeb Espotting FindWhat Gigablast Google MSN UK MSN/All the Web Mirago Open Directory Overture UK UK Net Guide Yahoo

Jux2 stellar stellar - combined results from: Google, Yahoo & Ask Jeeves

Search dot com stellar takes over Savvy Search - "results from: Google, Ask Jeeves, Business.com, Kanoodle, LookSmart, MSN, Open Directory, Thunderstone, and more"

Widow - many options AlltheWeb, AOLSearch, FindWhat, GoClick, Google, Kanoodle, Ah Ha, MSN, EntireWeb, ODP, Overture, Wisenut, Yahoo


Electric Monk - natural language search engine

Excite - synonym analysis

Ask Jeeves - natural language search engine

Encyclop?dia web search

Wikipedia stellar "a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch"

World Law AustLII

LawCrawler Find Law

cata law catalogue of law on the Internet

Source Bank Revolution9. Search tool for developers on the Internet containing over 5000 fully searchable and browsable resources to help help software professionals in their development tasks. (announced August 24, 1999)


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