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Switzerland - International Arbitration Convention March 27/ August 29, 1969

Chapter I: - General Provisions

Article 1 - Scope

Article 2 - Seat of the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 3 - Competent Judicial Authority at the Seat of the Arbitral Tribunal

Chapter II: - The Arbitration Agreement

Article 4 - Compromises and Arbitration Clauses

Article 5 - Subject Matter of the Arbitration

Article 6 - Form

Article 7 - Prohibition of the Exclusion of Lawyers

Article 8 - Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 9 - Appeal as to Jurisdiction

Chapter III: - Designation and Appointment of the Arbitrators. Duration of Their Authority. Lis Pendens

Article 10 - Number of Arbitrators

Article 11 - Designation by the Parties

Article 12 - Appointment by the Judicial Authority

Article 13 - Lis Pendens

Article 14 - Acceptance by the Arbitrators

Article 15 - Secretary

Articles 18 to 20 shall be applicable to objections raised in respect of a secretary.

Article 16 - Duration

Article 17 - Unjustifiable Delay

Chapter IV: - Objection To, Revocation And Replacement of The Arbitrators

Article 18 - Objection to an Arbitrator

Article 19 - Objection to the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 20 - Time Limits

Article 21 - Dispute

Article 22 - Revocation

Article 23 - Replacement

Chapter V: - Arbitral Procedure

Article 24 - Determination

Article 25 - Right to be Heard

Article 26 - Provisional Orders

Article 27 - Assistance of the Judicial Authorities

Article 28 - Third Party Intervention and Proceedings

Article 29 - Set-Off

Article 30 - Advance of Costs

Chapter VI: - Arbitral Award

Article 31 - Deliberation and Award

Article 32 - Partial Awards

Article 33 - Content of the Award

Article 34 - Agreement of the Parties

Article 35 - Deposit and Notification

Chapter VII: - Actions for Annulment or Review

I. Action for Annulment

Article 36 - Grounds

Article 37 - Period of Limitation

Article 38 - Suspensive Effect of Action

Article 39 - Remittal to the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 40 - Decision

II. Review

Article 41 - Grounds

Article 42 - Period of Limitation

Article 43 - Remittal to the Arbitral Tribunal

Chapter VIII: - Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

Article 44 - Declaration of Enforceability

Chapter IX: - Final Clauses

Article 45 - Procedure

Article 46 - Consequences of Entry Into Force


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Switzerland - International Arbitration Convention March 27/ August 29, 1969


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Switzerland - International Arbitration Convention March 27/ August 29, 1969

Chapter VII: - Actions for Annulment or Review

I. Action for Annulment

Article 36 - Grounds

An action for annulment of the arbitral award may be brought before the judicial authority provided for in Article 3, where it is alleged that:

a. the arbitral tribunal was not properly constituted

b. that the arbitral tribunal erroneously declared itself to have or not to have jurisdiction

c. that it pronounced on points not submitted to it or, subject to Article 32, failed to make a determination on one of the items in the claim

d. that there was a breach of one of the mandatory procedural rules referred to in Article 25

e. that the arbitral tribunal awarded to one of the parties something more or other than claimed, without being authorised to do so by a provision of the law

f. that the award is arbitrary in that it was based on findings which were manifestly contrary to the facts appearing on the file, or in that it constitutes a clear violation of law or equity

g. that the arbitral tribunal made its award after the expiration of the time-limit imposed on it in which to accomplish its mission

h. that the conditions of Article 33 were not complied with or that the order is unintelligible or contradictory

i. that the fees of the arbitrators fixed by the arbitral tribunal are manifestly excessive.

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