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UNEP Guidelines for the Exchange of Information on Chemicals in International Trade (1989)

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London Guidelines for the Exchange of Information on Chemicals in International Trade (UNEP-guidelines, as amended 1989)

Introduction to the Guidelines

Part I - General Provisions

1. Definitions

2. General Principles

3. Exemptions

4. Effects on Other Instruments

Part II - Notification And Information Regarding Banned And Severely Restricted Chemicals And Operation Of The Pic Procedure

8. Information regarding exports

9. Channels of Notification and Information

10. Feedback

11. Confidential Data

12. Functions of Designated National Authorities

Part III - General Information Exchange And Provision Of Technical Assistance Regarding Chemicals

13. Information, Advice and Assistance

14. Classification, Packaging and Labelling

15. Technical Assistance

Annex I - Form For Notification Of Control Action [....]

Annex II - Procedure For Initial Identification Of Chemicals For Inclusion In The Prior Informed Consent Procedure

Annex III - Information To Be Included In A Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Decision Guidance Document

Annex IV - Form For Importing Country Response On Prior Informed Consent Chemicals [....]

Annex V - Form For Information Regarding Export [....]




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