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Centre for European Law

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The Centre is interdisciplinary and serves academics at the Faculty of Law and guest researchers doing research on European and EEA law. Our library is recognized by the EU commission as a public documentation centre. Professors at the Centre also make studies for Norwegian ministries.

Centre for European Law

The objectives of the Centre for European Law are to:

  • encourage research and education in European law and EEA law
  • maintain a good European law library for researchers at the faculty and others in need of European literature
  • provide seminars, lectures and courses
  • offer information and relevant publications
  • develop forms of cooperation with foreign institutions within the Centre's sphere.

Our main research areas are institutions, procedures, principles and sources of law in EU and EEA law. The Centre also do research on the basic rules of "the four liberties".


Professor Ole Andreas Rognstad

Head of Office: Bente Lindberg Kraabøl

Librarian: Inger M Hamre

Visiting address

Karl Johans gate 47
Domus Media, lower ground floor

Postal address

P.O.Box 6706 St. Olavs plass
N-0130 Oslo, Norway


Phone: +47 22 85 96 00
Fax: +47 22 85 96 10

European Law Network

The Centre also participates in this scholar network of the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo.