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Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance deals with the different types of insurance which are relevant for ships and goods under transport. Marine Insurance is a part of the main focus at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law.


Area Covered

Marine Insurance has obvoiusly a close connection with insurance law, the Institute having a particular focus on insurance contracts. The Institute has contributed heavily to the development of marine insurance agreements.

The most important agreement in this area  is the Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan from 1996, prepared by a broad committee with professors from our institute acting as chairperson and secretary.The Plan is revised by the same committee from time to time. A professor from us has also chaired the committee for insurance contract terms for the transport of goods.


New projects are developed continually within the marine insurance area:

  • A chapter on Norwegian cargo insurance is to be published in a book on International Cargo Insurance and work is in progress on a book on Cargo Insurance based on the Norwegian Cargo Insurance terms.
  • An article on a New market division for insurance cover of  piracy is published in MarIus 406.
  • Research assistant Kaja Oftedal is writing her thesis on building risk insurance in a comparative perspective.
  • Study programme and subjects
  • Masters’ programme in English: Master of risk management and marine insurance  - currently not open for admissions
  • Elective course JUS5450 - Marine Insurance
  • Elective course JUR1450 - Marine Insurance (BA)


  • Marine Insurance is part of the maritime law and therefore has the same base financing as NIFS.
  • From  year to year support is provided to projects which the research assistants or doctorate candidates work by the Sjur Brækhus-fondet, Norsk Varekrigsfond and Johan and Mimmi Wessmanns Minnefond.
  • Electives in Marine Insurance Marine Insurance have been partly financed by  Den norske krigsforsikring for Skib, Norwegian Hull Club, law firms Thommessen and Wikborg Rein.


In connection with the Master of Marine Insurance and Risk Management-programme, there has been established a co-operation between Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and University of Gothenburg with the assignment coming from The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (Cefor) . This programme however has temporarily been put on hold. NIFS and the insurance branch work together among other things on research subjects and the organisation of seminars.


• Norsk Sjøforsikringsplan - Cefor
• Terms for the transport - Cefor 
• Insurance terms with Skuld and Gard

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Trine-Lise Wilhelmsen
professor - head of the institute