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Petroleum Contract Law

Petroleum contracts law includes all types of contracts which are entered into in connection with the petroleum business. The main emphasis is placed on construction and maintenance contracts with its various related contract forms. The contracts are often standard and even agreed standard contracts, which makes them suitable for research.


The petroleum business requires comprehensive contracts in all its phases: Exploration, development, operation, oil and gas sales, transport and removal. These are often standardized and therefore well worked contracts which are well suited for studying advanced contractual techniques.

In capacities of i.a. arbitrators and advisors the researchers in the department have close contact with the petroleum industry’s different players. The department is therefore able to gain access to relevant material and is aware of topical issues which make the research relevant and current.


  • Associate Professor Ivar Alvik is working on a research project concerning the applicable background law and fundamental issues of risk allocation in drilling contracts and other maritime offshore contracts.
  • Research assistant  Monica Zak has delivered a masters thesis about Ansvarsregulering i borekontrakter. Gyldighetssensur i norsk, engelsk og amerikansk rett ("Knock-for-knock-principle in petroleum contracts -  legal effect under Norwegian, American and English law") published in MarIus 415 (in Norwegian).
  • Research assistant Kenneth Høgevold has delivered the master thesis Inntektsfordeling i produksjonsdelingsavtaler (2013 - Limited access)
  • Research assistant Sofie Komissar has delivered the master thesis Uekte endringer. Bruken av endringsreglene i NS 8405 og NF07 på utilsiktede forhold (2013, to be published in the periodical MarIus).

Study Programmes and Topics


As a part of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law we receive funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers. We also receive economic support from the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF). In addition, we receive funds from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy via the Research Council of Norway.


The researchers in petroleum contract law cooperate internationally through Academic Advisory Group (AAG). This is a coordinating body for leading research centers in the area of  natural resources law. The researchers also cooperate with colleagues at universities  and other research institutions in Denmark (Copenhagen), Netherlands (Groningen), Canada, USA, Australia, China and Nigeria. An example of publications rooted in this cooperation is the standard work Energy law in Europe: national, EU and international regulation / edited by Martha M. Roggenkamp ... [et al.]. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

In addition, we arrange seminars at the Petroleum and Energy Law Club every semester.


• Norsk Fabrikasjonskontrakt 2007 (NF 07) and related standards 
Norwegian Subsea Contract 2005 (NSC 05)
Standard Contracts for the UK Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

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