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Petroleum Law

Petroleum law covers all legal questions related to the Norwegian petroleum industry except for contract related issues which is taught as a separate course under Petroleum contract law.

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The research focuses on areas relevant to business on the Norwegian continental shelf. Most of the areas are affected by international law, administrative law, tax law and property law.

International law issues arise because the petroleum business may take place outside Norwegian territory. An example of this is the discussion with Russia on the border between the continental shelf in the Barents sea.

Administrative law issues arise when the state gives a company a concession to conduct petroleum business on certain conditions. Here EU law may be central.Tax law becomes relevant when petroleum companies may be taxed, due to particular tax laws, up to 78 per cent.

Study Programmes and Topics

• Elective course JUS5411 - Petroleum Law (in spring).
• Further education at masters level: North Sea Energy Law Programme.


As a part of the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law we receive funds from Nordisk ministerråd (the Scandinavian Council of Ministers). We also receive financial support from the the Norwegian Oil and Gaz Association.


We cooperate with the Research group in natural resources law.

In addition we participate in the petroleum law seminar under the auspices of the the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and we are coorganizers of the Solstrand petroleum law seminar. We arrange also seminars in the Petroleum and energy judicial club every semester.

Internationally, we cooperate with the universities in Groningen, Aberdeen and Copenhagen about further education programmes in the North Sea Energy Law Programme. We also cooperate with the Academic Advisory Group (AAG), which is a group of international energy law academics connected with the International Bar Association (IBA).

The researchers in petroleum law are in addition coorganizers of the yearly European Energy Law Seminar in Netherlands.


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