New uses and abuses of the seabed - legal challenges

Which regulatory regimes apply to the exploration and exploitation of seabed resources? Is the current legal framework under notably the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) appropriate enough to deal with those new use types? Are the arising risks of abuse, conflict and pollution sufficiently taken into account and dealt with? The seminar will present current research efforts to answer those questions.



Seabed uses encompass: oil and gas exploration and exploitation, mineral resources exploitation, waste disposal, carbon dioxide storage, laying of infrastructures including pipelines and cables, military uses, use of biological resources and ocean energy resources exploitation.

The seabed is an area of huge interest for national states and commercial companies, both within and beyond national jurisdiction. The uses of the seabed are already multiple, but, as technologies progress, access to the seabed is getting easier and new uses appear.



Registration and coffee


Welcome and project presentation

Catherine Banet, Ass. Prof. , University of Oslo


Continental shelf limits, boundaries, and seabed resources

Brekke Harald, Senior Geologist, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate


Competing interests relating to marine energy infrastructure:
the case of Nord Stream

David Langlet, Prof. , University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Precedent-setting: Implementation of Article 82 UNCLOS in Canada
and implications of adjacency to the Area

Aldo Chircop, Prof., Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

10.25– 10.50

Exploitation of Seabed Mineral Resources beyond national jurisdiction

Joanna Dingwall, Researcher, University of Glasgow, Scotland


Coffee break


Panel discussion with:

Lars Olav Askheim, Legal Counsel, Statnett – Crossing infrastructures (tbc)

Chelsea Chen, Research, Tsinghua University – New Chinese law on deep seafloor

Edwin Egede, Dr., Cardiff University –
Military uses

Ole Kristian Fauchald, Prof., University of Oslo -  Marine protected areas (MPAs)

Alexander Skaridov, Prof. St. Petersburg University – Seabed in the High North  


End of the seminar

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