‘Brexit’ and the EEA

BREXIT is a conversation buzz-word these days.

September 2nd legal heavy weights are discussing questions and implications for England, Scotland, The EU and the EEA 

Do not miss out on the opportunity to gain some conversational pounds on the topic

Europe in transition - EUNOR seminar

Venue: Gamle Festsal (Photo: UiO)

09:00 - Welcome

Finn Arnesen (Centre for European Law, University of Oslo)

Opening remarks: Why Brexit?

David Edward (University of Edinburgh)


9:30 - Morning session: EU and UK perspectives on withdrawal

Chair: Ulf Sverdrup (NUPI)

Thomas Horsley  (University of Liverpool)

UK-EU – the current legal situation


Michael Gordon (University of Liverpool)

UK constitutional law dimension of withdrawal


Coffee break


Christophe Hillion (Universities of Oslo and Leiden, NUPI)

Legal framework of withdrawal from the EU




12:30 - 13:30 Lunch


14:00 - Afternoon session: the EEA perspective and beyond

Chair: Alla Pozdnakova (University of Oslo)


Halvard Haukeland Fredriksen (University of Bergen)

UK withdrawal and EEA agreement


Rosa Greaves (Universities of Glasgow and Oslo)

EEA and other alternatives for the UK




Coffee / tea break


16:00 - Concluding session

Chair: Tarjei Bekkedal (University of Oslo)


David Edward (University of Edinburgh)

Brexit and Scotland


Niels Engelschiøn (Head of Europe Department, MFA, Norway)

A Norwegian perspective on Brexit


17:00 Drinks

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