Colloquium: Ecosystem based management in the Arctic

The purpose of the colloquium is to discuss the organization of ecosystem-based management in the Arctic, in particular when the ecosystems extend beyond national jurisdictions. Challenges relate to the ongoing negotiations on bio-diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction, as these must be addressed independently.

Thursday December 1st  10:00 AM - 

Friday December 2nd    09:00 AM - 

Klynge hvalross på øya Moffen rett nord for Svalbard, 80 grader nord

Illustrasjonsfoto: UiO (Yngve Vogt)

Speakers include academic lawyers, government representatives and biologists, in order to understand the nature of ecosystems and of the political processes. 

Margit Tveiten, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Adjunct Prof. Henrik Ringbom, Åbo Academy University

Anja Elisenberg, Ministry of Climate and  Environment

Prof. Erik Røsæg, University of Oslo

Dr. Geir Ottersen, Institute of Marine Research

Dr. Richard Cadell, Utrecht University School of Law

Dr. Froukje Platjouw, Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Dr. Ingvild Jakobsen, The Arctic University of Norway

Prof. Charles Norchi, Center for Oceans & Coastal Law, University of Maine School of Law

Dr. Jill Wakefield, University of Warwick

Prof. David Langlet, University of Gothenburg

Prof. Lawrence Watters, University of Western Australia

Dr. Lars-Otto Reiersen, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

Prof. Katrine Borgå, University of Oslo

Prof. Yoshifumi Tanaka, University of Copenhagen

Dr. Toril Inga Røe Utvik, Statoil

Dr. Louise Kiel Jensen, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

Dr. Hein Rune Skjoldal, Institute of Marine Research

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