Electricity networks and their operators in a time of change

Seminar on Electricity Market Design 4 April 2019 

Program The seminar is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.

Registration deadline 29 March 2019 

About the seminar:

Changing patterns in electricity generation and consumption raise tremendous challenges for transport and distribution infrastructures and their operators. The electricity networks remain the backbone of the electricity system, but are going through important adaptations. Not least, grid operators will need to increase cooperation, while they also may become competitors in supplying grid services and making use of flexibility. The evolution of electricity networks and their operators is among the central issues in current electricity market reforms.


The seminar builds on current CREE research projects as well as recent regulatory and business initiatives in Europe.


During the seminar, the following questions will be discussed:

  •  Which options are available to governments when designing new market rules?
  •  Between increased regional and European grid integration on the one hand and multiple local initiatives on the other hand, what will be the importance of the national grid?
  •  How should TSOs and DSOs cooperate with respect to system management, balancing, infrastructures development and use of flexibility?
  •  How to develop, integrate and value the flexibility provided by notably electric vehicles and demand responses? How new power market places intend to play a role? 
  •  How should tariffs be regulated to ensure required investments and a fair energy transition?


12.00-12.30 – Welcome lunch
Welcome and opening presentation: Governance approaches in EMD

12.30- 12.35 – Welcome and introduction to the seminar

by Rolf Golombek, Frishsenteret and Director CREE and Catherine Banet, Ass. Prof., University of Oslo, Faculty of Law

Session I - Governance approaches in EMD 

12.35-13.10 - National Governance of Electricity Market Design

Randi Kristiansen, International Energy Agency, IEA/EMS/GCP, Paris

13.10-13.40 - Relationship between central and local grids: the TSO-DSO cooperation. Competition or complementarity?

Guillaume Dezobry, Senior lecturer in public law, Lawyer at FIDAL, AFDEN/Paris Dauphine University

13.40-14.10 - Local grids: why DSOs should not leave it to the TSO alone to engage in active system operations. An economic perspective on the relationship TSO-DSO

Jørgen Bjørndalen, DNV GL

14.10-14.30 - Tea/Coffee Break

Session II - EMD – Electricity networks: flexibility, investments and coordination

14.30-15.00 Electric cars and the grid,

Professor Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economics, University of Oslo

15.00-15.30 – NODES: A new Nordic marketplace for increased regional flexibility,

Enno Böttcher, CEO NODES

15.30-16.00 - Grid tariff regulation: between needs for new investments and fair energy transition

Ass. Prof. Catherine Banet, University of Oslo

16.00-16.30 – Pan-European balancing markets

Astrid Skjønborg Brunt, Legal Counsel, Statnett and Kanerva Sunila, Aalto University, Finland

16.30-17.00 - Discussion and conclusion



The seminar is co-organised by CREE (Oslo Centre for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy) and the Research Group on Natural Resources Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

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