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Europe in transition (completed)

Small states and Europe in an age of global shifts.

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About the project

In the face of a multilayered European crisis, the EU has undertaken numerous European attempts. At the same time, the world experiences significant economic and political shifts.

What is the significance of the EU for small states in this age of European and global transitions? Is Europe becoming more important or obsolete? This project aims at contributing to our understanding of how small states balance between autonomy and integration. It is empirically focused on how and to what extent Norway, as a small state, responds to, adjusts, and adapts to the current European transition.


We ask two general questions:

  1. Do small states respond to the changes by increasing their integration or by seeking greater autonomy?
  2. How, and to what extent, do the changing capabilities of small states affect their alternatives and choices? In order to answer such questions we have developed a research framework that allows for detailed empirical and comparative studies.

A study of ‘outside views’ of Norway and the EEA countries, and associations to the EU, will be conducted. While Brussels may see the current arrangement as fairly well-functioning, some EU member-states find it unattractive, and others increasingly see it as free-riding. Why, how, and to what extent are the perceptions and views on Norway and the EEA model changing, and what are the implications of such shifts


The project is financed via the Norwegian Research Fund (NFR), program EUROPA.


EUNOR is a multi-disciplinary program involving economists, legal scholars and political scientists. It is a inter-institutional partnership between strong research milieus in Norway, and it is supported by a solid international network of experts on small states and European integration.

The program started in 2015 and ends in 2018. Centre for European Law has a close partner in  Norwegian Institute of international affairs (NUPI) on the project Europe in Transition



The research is empirically based and theoretically informed, and it builds upon the research based Europe Review. The project will deliver innovative research and provide relevant information to the public and give policy advice to decision makers.

Tags: European Law, EEA law
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