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Towards a Future for Common Grazing (Futgraze)

Project title:  "Towards a Future for Common Grazing – rules, norms and cooperation in outlying grazing areas".

The Project will identify "best practice" and outline good ways to manage and operate our pasture areas, and propose concrete arrangements for handling various interest misconceptions.

Cows grazing (photo: Unsplash)

About the project

In pace with extensive structural changes in agriculture, increasing area pressure and commercialization of outfield, the management of pasture areas has become more complicated. Cabin building, power and industrial development, commercialization of hunting and other leisure activities have all led to a considerable increase in the pressure on outlying areas. In some areas, this has led to a development that has also gradually reduced the number of grazing animals, less utilization of grazing resources and thus also increased overgrowth and reduced grazing quality with the resultant loss of biological diversity as a result. In other areas, the farmers tell about a pasture that is far too high in relation to the resources base.


The main question of the project is: How can the formal and informal institutions be adapted - linked to common grazing in the field - to the environmental, political and economic changes over time? And how do these changes affect the various users' general strategies for cooperation? And more specifically; How do these changes affect the co-operation between grazing farmers within the various grazing areas?


The goal of the project is to publish scientific articles from researchers who are included in the project.


We are one of several partners in the project Futgraze, which is managed by the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (NIBIO)


The project is funded through Norway's Research Council.



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