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Prevention of oil pollution from petroleum activities in the Arctic (MOSPA) (Completed) (completed)

The Arctic is a large and vulnerable area, and the number of ships in the Arctic is increasing. It is therefore important that the emergency preparedness for acute oil pollution is high.

Professor All Pozdnakova heads the work of the Nordic Institute of Maritime Law in connection with oil spill preparedness in the Arctic.

In case of acute oil pollution, it is important to have good preparedness (Photo: Colourbox)

About the project

The project was first presented at the Arctic Council’s The Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group (EPPR) in Malmø 5th December 2017.

The project includes a review of legal challenges related the MOSPA Agreement, with specific regard to liability issues including responder liability, civil liability (including cost recovery liability) and environmental liability. The review will include legal questions related to international law including jurisdiction, choice of law, acknowledgment and enforcement of decisions and judgements. The topics will include legal challenges that are general to international assistance and cooperation in case of pollution response operations. This will be an additional value of the outcome of the project.

The project aims to clarify legal issues in relation to the MOSPA Agreement and if necessary recommend additions or clarifications to the MOSPA Agreement to mitigate uncertain legal positions or risks.


The project is managed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Other Norwegian institutions and agencies participating in the EPPR working group are the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Agency and the Norwegian Center for Rescue Centers in Northern Norway.


The project is financed by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.




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